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My son is failing his classes - I am just about to give up! Check Out 5 Life-Changing Steps to Success (5986 hits)

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My son is failing his classes - I am just about to give up! Check Out 5 Life-Changing Steps to Success
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My son is a Junior in High School. He's a bright child, but he doesn't apply himself. He doesn't get in to any trouble. I've had the counselor talk to him, his father and I have talked to him, my brother, other people's brothers, everybody, about the importance of education and how it will help him in life. His grades are inconsistent, sometimes he gets B's other times D's and F's, but I know he can do better. The school offers tutoring and after school help. I've tried to get him to go, but to no avail. His excuse "I forgot". I've had him checked out and they say nothing is wrong with him. How can I get him to see that he needs to buckle down and concentrate on his education? Time is going fast soon he will be a Senior. Please help me, I don't want him to fall thru the cracks and not go to college.

There are three types of students: one who gets the work done, the other who does enough to get by, and the third student who does nothing. I was the second type of student, the one who did just enough to get by. I found high school boring and often times defending who I was. I would get into trouble somewhat to prove I wasn’t a nerd. I too experienced a lot of trouble and uncertainty my junior year of high school. The final straw was the day I sat in the principal’s office – the principal handed over a three-day suspension after getting into a fight. As though three days weren’t enough, the principal began to state that at the rate I was going I would be nothing; no college would want me, no job would hire me, and I would be nothing. I was devastated, upset, and most of all embarrassed. After my three-day suspension and a butt whooping from my mom a light bulb switch turned on in my mind. I was Somebody, I had a purpose, and no one would ever tell me again that I would be nothing.

I share my story with to tell you that your son is somebody, and he has a purpose. High school can be one of the most challenging times in a student’s life. Many students are trying to discover who they are and at the same time fit in with who everyone else believes they are. As a Life Coach and Empowerment Speaker my goal is to empower students to learn how to empower him or herself, discover their strengths, and tackle his or her weaknesses. In my book Learn How I Made a Fortune in College: A Real-Life Student Strategy Guide teaches readers how to move forward, discover their purpose, take action, and become the Driver of his or her Success. You will find 5 Life Changing Steps to Success listed below. I encourage you to become familiar with these steps. Once you feel comfortable share these steps and life-changing attitudes with your son.

1. Your Attitude Matters: Gaining success is about your attitude. Your attitude is your guide to your outcome. Life has given three choices – the right way, the wrong way, or no way at all. The answer lies within our soul.

As a parent the best thing you can have is a positive attitude. Your son has enough people who possibly do not believe in him. You are his foundation and rock; therefore I encourage you to have a positive attitude.

2. Create your success – In book I share a story of the relationship, I had with my father. He wasn’t as supportive throughout my youth, nor college years. In fact, one statement that sticks out is the time I asked my father to buy books for my college courses. He responded, “Nobody told you to go to college, and you should have stayed home. I experienced defeat, frustration, and fear. I soon realized that I am not my circumstance. You must not allow your circumstance to be your fuel for greatness.

3. Design your tomorrow – There is hope in every situation. It is time for you to find your hope. You must begin by executing your plan and envisioning your future.

4. You must be willing to change habits and actions that disable you to become a person.

5. Never quit and remain the course. Believe it or not your son admires your words, efforts, and who you are. If you give up it would be as though you are giving up on your son. Your current circumstance is not your reality. It may seem difficult, and you may feel as though you can’t move forward, but if you hold remain positive the outcome will be positive.

There is nothing wrong with your son. Remember he is finding himself through the process you must be his strength. I encourage you to talk with your son and discover his interest. Allow him to focus his thoughts and time on careers, sports, or activities that bring him joy. There are students every day that leave for college and do not know who they are. High school is not a playground, but a place for true exploration to self-identity. If you find that college is not the place to send your son immediately he may consider going into the military or a community college. Don’t lose your because his future is very bright.

P.S - Your son understands the importance of education. He needs to better understand who is first. Once he values himself, he will apply himself to anything that he touches. Allow him to blossom and become the person he is designed to be.
Please contact Shauntae M. Jordan by e-mail (smjspeaks@gmail.com or on twitter @smjspeaks). To purchase: Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College click link: http://amzn.to/oAg42j

Best wishes,

Shauntae M. Jordan, MBA
“Ignite the Drive Within You”
Posted By: Shauntae Jordan
Tuesday, December 6th 2011 at 10:31AM
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