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Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King on HBCUConnect.com (4185 hits)

Dr. King was a proud Morehouse graduate. We should all be very proud!
We'd like to invite everyone to voice their thoughts as to how we as HBCU students and graduates should celebrate one of the greatest HBCU graduates of all time?

Post your comments and share your thoughts on this great African American leader that has positively affected all of our lives.

Personally, I feel we should celebrate the life of Dr. King by living every day of our own lives to the fullest and to be constantly thankful and conscious of the sacrifices that others made on our behalf, such that we might live in a better more positive world.

Also check out the Morehouse website to see more about Dr. King as an HBCU student and graduate.
Posted By: Will Moss
Monday, January 16th 2012 at 12:41AM
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If you wrote an updated letter to Dr. King in 2012 what would yours say?

Dear Dr. King,

I just wanted to report on our progress since your passing. Our families are doing okay. We have a lot of absent fathers and selfish mothers but the government created an agency called Child Support so thereís no need to march in protest about that.

Itís simple really. The guys can send a monthly check to support their children so it is kind of like they are providing for their kids just like they were actually there, right? And the women can get the checks and use them to help raise their children. You know the check becomes the father, and the father? Well, he can go do other stuff like make more children and chase that paper (thatís a new phrase for getting money).

We do have more males in prison than in college, but again, we donít need to march in Washington. Hip Hop (thatís a new music genre) loves to promote young black males with criminal records so there is still hope that many of our brothers that go to jail might produce a platinum album upon their release.

We are on tv a lot more. Your beloved city Atlanta promotes 4 beautiful black women climbing the success ladder, while back stabbing each other and raising their kids alone (remember we have Child Support now and Hip Hop artists and Professional Athletes create huge checks).

Yes, Iím sure it is weird for you to see so many of us tatted down from head to toe(excuse me thatís the ebonic verb form for tattoos). That is our new way of creating identity because we have no identity. No, the government doesnít give those out for free. You either pay for them or have a friend or cell mate do one for you.

The church? Iím sorry, I canít believe I forgot to mention that. Well, you would be pleased with the amount of people who attend and the social programs that have been created. Not sure how many people are actually followers of Christ. We have a lot of fans though. But fans help economically support megachurches which helps get the social programs out so we need those fansÖI think. What do you think?

I know what you are thinking though: How do we get the message out about the economic, social, moral and political plight of our people if we donít use the pulpits in our churches? Donít worry, Dr. King. We have Facebook and Twitter now and we even have a website called www.blackplanet.com. We also have BET and they have really cool shows like ďThe GameĒ, ď106 & The ParkĒ, and ďTiny & ToyaĒ. Who needs the church when you have these media and social media networks at your finger tips!

So, on the day that was set aside by the government to celebrate your accomplishments, I wanted to give you an update. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We have our first black president of the United States! Iím sure plenty of people have written to you about President Obama. Just wanted to save the best for last!

Cheers to Keeping Your Dream Alive,

Professor Danielle M. Koonce

Monday, January 16th 2012 at 12:33PM
Jimmelle Melvin
Nice idea..: Write a letter to Dr. King! I think we should honor Dr. King by spending each day in February working towards his fulfilling and maintaining his prophetic Dream. We should focus on loving our neighbor, treating all races with love and respect and compassion, and we should refrain from using violence. We love you Dr. King! Happy Birthday to you!
Monday, January 16th 2012 at 2:51PM
Elynor Moss
I think we should honor Dr. King by doing our best to reach our fullest potential and appreciating every moment that his and others hard work in the civil rights moment afforded us now.
Monday, January 16th 2012 at 4:07PM
Will Moss
The "New Look" of the HBCU page is simply MARVELOUS! We, as Black People, and many others, owe our very existence (as we live it this day) to M. L. K.!

What would have happened to us if changes inspired by him did not take place?

Never has there been a Man who gave so much to so many...


Peace and Love,

Monday, January 16th 2012 at 8:29PM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
In my first remembance of my coming to the awareness of the lack of Civil rights for black people, I will always remember seeing on television Mr King standing before the congess of the united states of America in Washingtion D. C. reading a spiriture from the B.i.b.l.e.(Biblical Instructions Before Leaving Earth) stating that there was someone called a God who had made the whole wide world and whom had created all men equal, (his kind was only being declared four fifths of a human being at the time I'm talking about while a dog was getting more repect) but his kind of man was receiving an injustice , an inhuman charges of humanities to mankind done to his people, myself being about sixteen, living in the northern section of America did not really understand what his word meanings meant at the particular time, and living under the influenced of sounding thinking type of people like Malcolm etc., the next time I saw him on television in the southern section of America holding up this same Bible making the same statements and they turned on the fire hydrants and sic their dogs on him and his people and then throwed them in jail. That scene changed my outlook of life in America forever the time I'm allowed to breathe this air here, from that day fore I have been aware or what type of life is alloted me here, so to me if Mr King ever created any type of revolution, I would proudly name it an "Awareness Revloution," because since Mr King, All Eyes R open, Neverever to be closed like that ever again, because of Mr King, All Minds Understand. Thank U, Mr King for being in the life of this world we dwell in while we seek his Righteousness while we retain his Grace, U R 1 big eye opener Hallueyah!!!
Thursday, January 19th 2012 at 1:46AM
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