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11 Easy Tips to Better Time Management in College (1301 hits)

1. Write a plan! You can do this by breaking big assignments into smaller, clearer, and more actionable parts.

2. Forget about “to do” list! To do list are dreadful and make you feel as though you are being punished. I like to call my “to do” list an “Achievement List.” Create an achievement list. An achievement list is much more enjoyable and you will likely reach your goals.

3. Discover self-discipline from within. Do your best to stick to your weekly plan. Do not worry if things come up take your spontaneity to the next level by being flexible and adaptable. Be willing to free up some time for plans that don’t go exactly as planned. If something else comes up and you miss your scheduled time, find an open slot to put it in.

4. Make you that you give yourself weekly awards. This can be done by creating an award system for completing things on your to do list. Warnings do not cheat!

5. Develop a calendar that represents your entire course load. Take your syllabus from each course and combine all dates. This will allow you to see what you have to do in each class. ***Make sure you double check your dates before eliminating the syllabi.

6. Make sure you update your calendar on a regular basis.

7. Develop a Monthly Achievement List: Keep track of upcoming events, test, and assignments with future dates. This will allow you to plan accordingly. This should be incorporated every month and each item should be listed.

8. Develop a Weekly Achievement List: This will allow you to break end of the semester projects into smaller weekly assignments. During your weekly Achievement list you may want to use the hour by hour method to ensure everything gets completed. **You can estimate the length of an event, assignment, or appointment. Be certain to overestimate the time and possible factors that may break your schedule.

9. Your school colors should not be the only color you recognize. Purchase a pack of highlighters and give each day a color to highlight important events or dates.

10. Don’t just use note taking for class. Write yourself a note or reminder (see Wednesday for Test questions)

11. Your calendar should not be limited to academics, but also for keeping up with personal activities!

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Posted By: Shauntae Jordan
Tuesday, March 20th 2012 at 5:50AM
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