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The 10 Freshmen Commandments (513 hits)

Everyone who wants to be successful follows or creates a guide to reach that success. Here are suggestions that can help every college freshman, regardless of his or her background, set up and enjoy a fulfilling and fun college experience.

1. Thou shall begin with the end in mind. Write down your ultimate goals in life, post it where you will see it every day, and figure out the first steps you need to take in college to achieve those goals.

2. Thou shall seek to understand what makes thy professors tick. Professors remember the students who engage in class discussions because professors love active class participation.

3. Thou shall sit down, shut up, and listen. Mastering those three things helps you develop focus and discipline, two major keys to success. Regardless of your aptitude, you will learn anything from anybody if you follow those three simple steps.

4. Thou shall visit thy career center or counselor early. Start building your college résumé as soon as you hit campus. Juice it up with a great GPA, student activities, community service, and internship and/or employment experience.

5. Thou shall be aware of your social media presence. Somewhere on your campus or in the workforce is someone who will not allow the image of his or her organization to be compromised by someone who feels compelled to drop F- and N-bombs for the world to see. And please spare us decision makers the “It’s my business” argument.

6. Thou shalt not follow students who crave attention. Some people are popular just to be popular and those types of people can be negative influences. Ask yourself how their popularity will help you achieve your goals and if following them is worth it.

7. Thou shall learn the power of diversity, service, and leadership. The more you embrace diversity, the more you want to serve people. The more you serve people, the better a leader you become. Leadership leads to great career opportunities.

8. Thou shall be the change you want to see on thy campus. Students who actually DO SOMETHING to improve campus life earn the respect of everyone from fellow students to administrators to future employers. Just think of how great it will sound in a job interview to talk about how you left your college or university better than you found it.

9. Thou shall take pride in thy institution. School pride goes beyond athletic events; it even makes a difference in personal decisions and excelling in your career through great job performance.

10. Thou shalt not hate on “boring” students. Successful people are known for boring things such as discipline and focus. You can have it all by being boring with the books and blowing off steam at the parties before going back to make it happen in the classroom the next day.

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Posted By: Eddie Francis
Monday, August 20th 2012 at 4:06PM
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