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5 Key Steps Every Student Must Have to Maintain DRIVE (661 hits)

By: Shauntae M. Jordan, MBA

Most students experience a high level of drive whenever they start something new. That is exactly what you are experiencing right now. You are driven to make great grades, be at the head of the class, play sports and be the best you. This is not a message to take you off your high but to actually become involve before you reach your low. I am an advocate of being proactive; therefore I want to help you stay ahead of the class. This is important because in a couple of months the excitement may soon turn into frustration, late nights of studying, misbehavior or simply a heavy load of assignments. In order to maintain the momentum you are experiencing on the first day of class you must have DRIVE throughout the entire school year. Listed below are the steps necessary to maintain drive.

1. Determination- You must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the grade or any goal that you are aiming for. When you are determine, it does not matter who doubts you or who doesnít believe in you. You will possess perseverance and motivation that will force you to continue. Where does this determination come from? It comes from within.

2. Responsibility- No one is responsible for your results but you. You cannot blame a teacher, a parent, or anyone else for missed opportunities or failures. Being responsible your choices, your thoughts, actions or in actions is the quickest way to gaining success. If you have a test on Monday; do not wait until Sunday night to study.

3. Imagination- When you were a child you had a big imagination. The kind of imagination that would have you soaring around your living room as though were an airplane. Maybe you were a princess in a fairytale. Whatever the case it was your imagination that made those activities seem so real. You must have an imagination of where you see yourself in the future. Everyday imagine how you want that day to go. Begin to think about every aspect. People you would like to meet, the things your teacher may say to you or what you will be will you graduate high school or college.

4. Vision- You must have a vision for your life. Where do you see yourself? Who do you want to become. Once you have a vision you will live more purposely. Therefore, you would know that going to school isnít a requirement by law (government or parents), but a requirement you have given yourself to become whatever you desire to be. Friends, family, teachers, co-workers canít see through your eyes or your heart. At times they may not believe in what you believe. I challenge you to share with them your hopes, dreams, and desires. It is important that you write your vision down and keep it near your heart. Your vision as your guide to excellence.

5. Elevate others- Your drive should involve helping someone else. I remember one- year I volunteered at United Way to help less fortunate families have a BIG Christmas. Although I was facing personal challenges by helping someone else I realized my situation was not that bad. By elevating others you uplift yourself without realizing, it. Therefore, your challenges begin to seem small and your purpose more fulfilling.

I am already celebrating with you; the great success you will experience this school year. Please share with me your victories, upset, and questions during the school year.
Posted By: Elly Moss
Tuesday, October 30th 2012 at 7:10PM
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