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Don’t Let the Sunshine and the Palm Trees Fool Ya (752 hits)

By Terence Hendrix

Recently at our annual family beach day, I had a conversation about life in the
entertainment industry with a cousin who had just relocated to Los Angeles to be a
rapper/actor. Since I ’ve had the opportunity for the last decade to work around an
A lister who’s won just about everything, I gave my $5 worth on a couple of points
to “welcome” him and kept it moving. This advice holds true for new grads with big
dreams thinking about fame and fortune in this business of show as well.

constantly honing the skills to your craft by working in and on your craft. Just
because you have a BA in Theater doesn’t mean that you are ready to come
out here and be in Hollywood. You need to keep yourself in acting classes.
Improvisational classes work wonders.Your work ethic must rival that of
Samuel L.Jackson’s in order to make his type of money. And although he got
a late start in his career, his story is a typical and he is not you. Master your
craft wherever you are, then come here. This doesn’t have to be where you
start but it is typically where you finish. If it’s television, movies,or music,all
roads lead to Hollywood.

2. NO ONE MAKES IT ON THEIR OWN. Everyone gets some sort of help at some time in their lives in pursuit of this dream. Whether it’s a place to stay, a hot meal,a job,or straight up cash from friends, family, or significant others. It’s more along the lines of who you know, not necessarily what you know out here. But, there ARE rules to the game out here even though the variations of the game and the rules change daily. Learn them.

3. EXPECT HARD TIMES. This industry is the equivalent of being hazed by life. That is why #2 is so important. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. I have seen people with engineering degrees and six figure salaries be reduced to eating Top Ramen on a daily and suffering nervous breakdowns. These events will test what you’re capable of and who you truly are.Darwinism in full effect.
Posted By: Elynor Moss
Wednesday, October 31st 2012 at 4:23PM
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