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Cry for Help From Students at Howard University (882 hits)

I am posting these letters from students who need help at Howard University.
They need the community of HBCUConnect.com to help them get answers.

Attn; Viola Dunn-Thigpen

I am writing to you for some assistance in spreading the word about the release of a talented professor within Howard University's Electronic Studio Art division. On January 8, 2012, our Multimedia II class was to start at 6:40 pm but it didn't. All the students were in class waiting for our professor who was just outside the room speaking with someone. It wasn't until about 7:30 pm that Professor Alleyne came back into the classroom with a man who introduced himself as the interim chair of the Department of Art, Dr. McEachern. He asked us to write down our names and emails and he would be corresponding with us on any updates because without actually stating the exact words he had just fired our professor and had no teacher at this time to take over any of his courses. He allowed us to ask questions but more often he replied he was not at liberty to discuss what we really wanted to know including why we could not keep our beloved, talented professor. He asserted that the release of faculty could not be discussed with students and he also stated that in perspective there would be a new teacher for us by next week but he does not know for sure. No matter the case, neither way pleases us as students because our professor is more than qualified and desired by us to remain a professor within the art track of Electronic Studio Art. I am sending you a link that is still up of our professor just to get a taste of the talent they are letting go. Professor Alleyne is extraordinary at his craft and has helped to develop the Electronic Studio Art program into what it is now. Not only does his teaching methods allow us as students to blossom in the realm of 3D and animation concepts but he has even taken a few students to Asia for competitions. It baffles all his students that while professors who seemingly don't care about elevating and molding their students into competitive professionals remain and he is let go. We would love to see him come back and regain his place as a leader and teacher in our class but we would also like to know why this even happened to begin with.

Previously there were rumors stating they were letting him go, so to combat this all his students signed a petition and delivered it to the Interim chair at a town hall meeting that occurred at the end of the Fall 2012 semester where they discussed changes in the Electronic Studio Art program. I was not in attendance because I had class but what I gathered from my peers that did go was that they weren't even interested in what they had to say. Although there is fear that if we speak, they may cut our program all together, I myself as well as my fellow students would like an explanation as to why he was terminated but again the response given by the interim chair, Dr. McEachern, was that "I am not liberty to discuss faculty termination". Please spread the word, there is strength in numbers!

Check out our amazing Professor: Brent Alleyne

Thank You
Posted By: Viola Dunn-Thigpen
Friday, January 11th 2013 at 11:40PM
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