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Hunger in America (502 hits)

The title of this blog is not really meant to cause fear or apprehension. Most of us who visit and participate with HBCU Connect are college and university educated, and many of us are still relatively stable in terms of employment, living and general affairs.

However, we have all witnessed the reality of unforeseen circumstances in America in the form of Hurricane Katrina, and more recently Hurricane Sandy. We all acknowledge the possibility of an emergency striking our homes, communities and families at any moment's notice. While many of us take for granted the relative stability of our lives, we tend - unintentionally for the most part - to disregard or overlook the plight of many Americans who might not have enough food or food stocks to ensure the minimum nutrition allowance to sustain their lives, health, and general well-being.

Regardless of our present circumstance, we should consider ways to establish reserves of food, water, and other essentials in case of emergency. This is not necessarily the mindset of ultra-conservative, anti-establishment groups or individuals; it is really just basic common sense. None of are certain that tomorrow won't bring a blizzard, hurricane, tornado, flood, or other emergency. None of us can guarantee that the super market down the street will be open, or will have enough food stocks in case of an emergency.

Food planning can also help with our monthly budget. Buy stocking up on food that can be used at a later time, we may be able to stretch our food budget at least. The core concern would be to ensure that the food stocks have a long enough shelf life that they won't spoil, and that we would be able to prepare them easily and obtain comparable nutritional value for ourselves and our families.

GOFoods Global presents a program where individuals and families can obtain nutritious food products that have a long shelf life and yet can be prepared in a matter of minutes. The wide variety of entrees, beverages, soups, snacks and other items is prepare under the highest standards. The products are not only nutritious, bot they are also reasonably priced.

Visit the GOFoods Global website to learn about the GOFoods mission and the available products. You can even order a free sample, only paying a small shipping and handling charge, to try a variety of the products yourself.

For more information, visit http://smallsuccesses.mygofoods.com
Posted By: Ibrahim Siddiq
Friday, January 18th 2013 at 11:45AM
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