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.IT'S LIQUID Artistic Competitions/ CREATIVES RISING EVENT (474 hits)

Go to www.itsliquid.com. Creatives Rising is a full range of the arts to give artists an opportunity to have their art seen and heard globally. There is no fee and the deadline for entry is 6/24/2013. All information is available on the site: www.see.me/rising/. Good Luck!

Creatives Wanted | You’re Invited…
Creatives Wanted | You’re Invited…
May 31st, 2013

Creatives Wanted | You’re Invited…

We are on the cusp of a creative revolution. You are invited to be a part of it.

For years there have been roadblocks between you and the global audience you deserve. That era is over. Your work deserves to be seen. You know this in your blood. You now have the tools to show it, to play it, to exhibit to an audience of your own making. Every Month 60 creatives will be shown larger than life. You could also be selected to have your art, fashion, photography or band shots displayed on a massive 30ft screen during an exclusive monthly party at the Eventi Hotel in Manhattan.

193 Creatives
One person selected from every nation on Earth. You have the chance to be featured in one of the largest exhibitions in New York City history. This October we will be turning the city of New York into a gallery with larger than life projections throughout Manhattan.

Join thousands of creatives in a world-wide conversation. We want you to show your work to the world and earn funding to make your next great project possible. If you create something, anything, from fashion to art to music to photography and everything in between, you belong here. This is Creatives Rising.
It’s time for the world to experience what you create. START HERE www.see.me/rising/

« R O K O SLiquid Cities & Temporary Identities | Finland 2013 » why liquid
LIQUID (lik'-wid): 1. a state of matter with definite volume but no definite shape, composed of molecules which move freely among themselves but do not tend to separate like those of gases. 2. a state of matter, between gaseous and solid, that flows and takes the shape of its container.
3. liquid architecture is a symphony of space, but a symphony that never repeats and continues to develop, is an extension of our bodies, and like us, it has an identity. (Marcos Novak)
It's LIQUID is a communication platform for contemporary art, architecture and design. It's LIQUID is based on fluidity, motion, connection and accessibility. Making things easy to do. Welcome.
be liquid
It's LIQUID offers you the possibility of sending press releases to over 80,000 qualified subscribers. Among them architects, designers, collectors, art critics, curators, dealers, and other personalities of the International art, architecture and design world. For more info click here
Submit Your Design and Architectural Projects
Anyone may submit design and architectural projects for inclusion on It's Liquid platform. The text and images submitted go through an approval and editing process before appearing on the website. For more info click here
Submit Your Call for Entries
Enter your own announcement in Calls section. For more info click here
Become Media Partner of It's LIQUID Group and It's LIQUID International Contest. For more info click here
Team up with It's LIQUID Group to take part in the next It's LIQUID Competition. For more info contact us here
It's LIQUID can cover the role of Press Office of your company or institution. We manage your relations with the media (print, TV, on-line magazines) tuning the flow of information according to your needs. For more info contact us here

HOK | Baku Flame Towers
Sou Fujimoto's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
Liquid Borders | Bari 2013
Call for Artists: Border Cities & New Identities
Atmospheric Reentry by Maiko Takeda
Tokujin Yoshioka's installation
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring resort by MAD architects
Unwoven Light Installation by Soo Sunny Park
The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi
Liquid Cities & Temporary Identities | Finland 2013
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Posted By: Viola Dunn-Thigpen
Thursday, June 20th 2013 at 2:12AM
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