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Its 2014 Is America still racist? (1505 hits)

Its 1014 and the President of the United States Of America is BLACK !

A lot of people do not like Obama simply because of the color of his skin.
the challenge this country has People not liking each other simply because of the color of their skin. We are quick quick to judge people based on the actions of other people who look like them.

WAIT WAIT WAIT Educated unemployed blacks because of the skin color you know the deal ,,black man apply s for a job in corporate america with more then enough qualification
,,,,,,denied because of skin color !

Its 2014 Is America still racist?

How many sisters and brothers go to HBCU to get a good education only to end up working a job they are over qualified for with less pay and no room for growth ?

Its 2014 Is America still racist?

The white straight male is what represents power and strength, whether in the media or implied. We are definitely working towards empowerment of other races, genders and s*xual orientations, etc. modern racism comes in the form of freely moving immigrants from other parts of the world to work cheep labor lobs no one else will take ,,,

My wife and I want to buy a home in Newport beach California so we got a Realtor and started looking we seen this home we wanted so we told the Realtor we wanted to look at the home set up a time and date ,,he contacted the seller side and said we needed to show them proof of funds so we showed them POF to make a long story short when they saw we was black the home got sold a 22 million dollar home but because we are black w money mind you they dont want us living around them !

Its 2014 Is America still racist?

Our governmental, cultural, social, religious, educational and other systems still echo with the historic conditions of racism. There may not be a majority of people who consciously support the idea and practice of favoring European-descent (White) people over People of Color, but our systems continue to do so. The systems we live in still echo with the power differences between races. Racism isn't just about individual bigotry--which is awful--it's more ''insidious'' Most people with this insidious disease have no idea that they are infected its so built within the american systems.

Its 2014 Is America still racist?

what do you think lets talk ????
Monday, January 6th 2014 at 8:29AM
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