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There are evidence of hundreds of historical articles, facts and documents, revealing that Europe and America havenít any good plans for Africa. Slavery, colonization aggression, colonial underdevelopment, looting, killing of powerful African leaders, to mention a few, proved they were all planned to chronically weakened the foundation of Africa.

Whatever evil plans Europe and America hatched against Africa, seemed fruitless. The tough nature of Africans, living like ancient cave men, had trained them both physically and psychologically strong that, they could resist everything including malaria, when the vaccine of the disease hasnít been discovered yet.

The Europeans thought they could challenge Africans, proving they are strong, tough and could stand the jungleís fever and malaria. Unprepared, malaria killed thousands of them and the few escaped back to Europe, after naming the continent ĎThe White manís Grave.í Instead of learning how to survive on that continent, they planned to destroy the people and the entire continent.

Hence, after slavery and colonization, the creation of Aids, Ebola, Lassa fever and other deadly diseases, as bio-weapons to depopulate Africa emerged. Those medical crimes were written as a book by Hollandís Micro-surgeon and scientist, Johan Van Dongen, after forty years of research and investigation. He suffered gravely for revealing the truth. He lost his job as a lecturer in one of the universities in Holland.

Despite all that he went through, Johan Van Dongen still has Africa in his heart. Together, we have co-written many articles warning African leaders that the intention to destroy Africa by Europe and America, is not yet over. If I were to be a journalist in living in Africa, I would have known the truth, because no European and American journalist is prepared to write this truth.

The leaders of Western Europe and America think African are fools, as well as the leaders, and want African leaders to listen to whatever they tell them. Yet Africa is the least respected continent on earth. They donít even have respect for African leaders, let alone its citizens. If they do, Belgium wouldnít have built a statue of king Leopold II in Brussels. That king killed over ten million Africans, including children and women in Congo, while there isnít any statue of Adolf Hitler for killing six million Jews.

It is time for African leaders to stand firmly behind Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, to prevent the continent to become land of the Sodomites. After the killing of Gaddafi in Libya, Mugabe and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia are now the biggest threat to Europe and America, because they donít tolerate their nonsense. The media usually called those African leaders they canít stand ĎDictators,í but the real dictators are European and American leaders. They shouldnít tell Africa to legalize same s*x marriage. We donít want to enjoy the Ďbackí of men, when the continent is full of pretty women.

Nobody cares about Africa, yet European and American leaders continue to interfere in African politics, telling African leaders what to do, yet many lack intelligence. If they are intelligent enough, then they shouldnít swear with the Bible and do the opposites of the Bible. The faith of Africans in the Bible and the Koran has taken us far, building us impenetrable, so we are not going to kowtow to European and American leaders to begin sleeping with men and women sleeping with women.

African may be poor, but we have something Europe and America can never take away. That is toughness, respect, principles, humbleness, perseverance, integrity and above all the strength to prevent committing suicide. Not even Aids and Ebola as bio-weapons could destroy Africa. I will end this article by asking Europe and America leaders to ask their citizens: Why everyday Europeans and Americans commit suicide but Africans arenít?

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Posted By: Joel Savage
Sunday, March 6th 2016 at 1:08PM
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