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The defeat of Hillary Clinton (814 hits)

My View From Harlem - The defeat of Hillary Clinton

We.ve all awaken to the tragic shock and lose of this election.

Am I still with Her, absolutely!!!

Let's face it, White America never forgave Hillary Clinton for forgiving her Husband for his whitehouse affair.

That said, there is a differing reality from when Al Gore lost to George Bush due to the Ralph Nadar distraction and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

There is also the reality of the 6 Senators who ran from a great President's record in the mid-term election to save their jobs and lost us the Senate. The price they made this country pay for their self-centered selfishness. Coupled with our failure to vote.

Our race of people have gone through over 400 years of slavery, lynchings, discrimination, and segregation...

However never since D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation, here we've witnessed the racist re-birth of nation, with this election.

This election was much than just this country electing a woman president, this election was about this nation daring to elect an African-American President.

I realize it's now a day late and a dollar short, but I have to admit that Bernie Sanders would have been a better choice.

I am guilty of killing the message because of the messenger - I didnt care for his style.

Truth being he did revolutionize the people with thought and ideas which needed changing. And he did make Hiillary Clinton change her mindset about running a take for granted nomination amongst Democrates.

We are now faced with a dilema of a racist culture, possible police and vigilante culture, which does nothing more than that makes america hate.

More than ever, we must must fight for our civil rights and its truly a fight ahead.

Our children are at stake. An emotional Van Jones said, How do I explain this to my children??

Let me say, that let's not make the same mistake that the older civil rights leaders have made and insist on still running another leg of the relay race and not pass the baton to a more energized younger generation. Afterall, this is no longer your moma's civil rights.

We are still the country that produced George Wallace and murdered Emmit Till..

Mamie Till said, " Two months ago, I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a nice job. I had a son. When something happend to Negros in the south I said, That's their business not mine. Now I know how wrong I was. The murder of my son has shown me that waht happens to any of us anywhere in the world, had better be the business of all of us.

We must trust that this younger generation does have a sense of civil rights history and mindset to lead us today and tomorrow.

It isnt that Black Folk didnt Vote, they did!!!

I was more than proud that Ken Smaltz, allowed me to play a a major role in this movement and let me take this message on the road to many colleges and states.

I know my Black Folk Must Vote shirts and buttons still have a role to play and they will..
Posted By: Victorio Loubriel
Wednesday, November 9th 2016 at 9:43AM
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