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Book Worm? 3 College Majors You'll Thrive In (402 hits)

It has long been known that voracious reading expands your view of the world, fosters a creative imagination, and provides connections with other ways of thinking that significantly contribute to satisfaction with life. People who love to read typically love to write and think. While being skilled in reading, writing, and thinking is important in any profession, they are essential in teaching, information and library science, management of any kind, and the law.

Elementary and Secondary Teaching
Teaching is one of the most creative professions you can have, and the love of books and stories is an essential part of teaching. Every day teachers are putting academic content into stories that capture children's attention and imagination, translating that content into engaging meaningful knowledge for every student. Additionally, teachers provide the structure and environment for students to build their own stories, both literally and metaphorically.

Master of Information
The difference between data and information is subtle but profound. Information is created when data is translated into something meaningful. A library science degree focuses on Data Science, Library & Information Science, and Technology, Information & Management. The challenge of professionals working in the Information sector is to become experts at taking available data and constructing meaningful information from that data. A Master of Information degree builds on purposeful information architecture and management, and is the credential needed for data analysis and management jobs, digital assets and archives management, and competitive intelligence positions. Information professionals are adept at coupling the needs of the information consumer with the available data and structure the information architecture to expertly meet the needs of the target information consumers.

Masters Public Administration / Law Degree
People who are avid readers often enjoy seeing things from differing perspectives and enjoy solving complex issues. An Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree prepares people who would like to work in the public or non-profit sectors, and these are the people who are tasked with solving the real-world problems that governments and societies face today. Taking advantage of the dual program of an MPA and a law degree (JD) can provide the graduate with the tools and credentials to truly make a difference when applying the analytical and critical thinking skills required of today's problem solvers.

Reading is a skill and a passion that is required by the majority of today's professions. Turning your passion for reading into an exceptional profession simply requires that you examine your own interests and move into the degree program that reflects your desires and passions.
Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Thursday, December 15th 2016 at 1:30PM
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