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The Paradox, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and President Barack Hussein Obama. (704 hits)

My View From Harlem – The Paradox, Jeremiah Wright and President Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama – The man in the mirror of history and judgement and to Jeremiah Wright I say Right on - Semper Fi.

My essay is 1961 words long and well worth the time to read.

I’ve studied Constitutional Law on the Law school level and so I know how to read Case Law and a Statement of Particulars, as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Accordingly, I cite such in this essay. One shouldn't shoot from the hip on a subject this serious..

The purpose of debate isn’t so much to “Agree to Disagree”, it is provoke thought and add another dimension we may not be aware of or choosing to ignore.

James Baldwin said, ““The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”

Now that we’re not only ending 2016, we’re also seeing the last days of our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama.

When President Obama was running for office in 2008 and 2012, like many, I supported and worked hard getting out the vote on his behalf. By now everyone is familiar with my part in the "Black Folk Must Vote" campaign.

I know many will either support what I’m saying and others will disagree – some even take exception.

I stand behind what I’ve said and make no apologies.

Unlike the extreme positions which both Tavis Smily and Connell West took regarding President Obama, which I’ve always said, “give me a break”.

I was part of the Civil Rights Generaton and so to Tavis, Cornell, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, I say, “This ain’t your Momma’s civil rights anymore".

White Supremacy has evolved to a very different level and can’t be dealt with beating that old civil rights drum.

Case and point, look at who’s the President Elect – need I say more? Folks that was more a rhetorical question, but feel free to add your opinions.

And so, I ask myself in retrospect, was President Obama all I expected? In some ways yes and in many ways NO………..Please note the “no” is in caps..

Before I begin my essay, I would like to thank my fellow Howard University Alumnus, Larry Delano Coleman for his thought provoking post on the Howard University Alumni internet site.

Mr. Coleman wrote:

“Rev. Jeremiah Wright, (famous for his "Jeremiads") once, in 2008, accurately characterized his former member, then-Senator Barack Obama, as a "politician."

Barack Obama won the Presidency in 2008, in Philadelphia with his transcendent speech on race and racism, in response to the media's repeatedly running of Rev. Wright 's jeremiads on "God damn, America !"

Although many of us, would have rather reinvented him, that is, would rather re- make President Barack Obama into a race-leader, me among those, he never was, in retrospect, a race leader.
He said specifically that he was not the leader of black people, but of all the American people.

We excused this utterance as being noble, as being Presidential, when actually he was being truthful.

Barack Obama may never be, given his unique pedigree, nativity, personal history, a classic race leader! But what a wonderful, inspirational, politician he was and is!”


On one hand the Constitution was and still intended to be an ever evolving document, on the other hand it’s also a CRUEL and INCOMPLETE document.

The Constitution proves it’s ever evolving depending on who’s in political office ever since its first case, Marbury vs Madison – 1803.

On one hand, the Constitution proves to ever evolving and applicable the civil and human rights of “We the People”, such as in Brown versus Board of Education and the application of the 14th Amendment.

On the other hand. The Constitution proves to CRUEL and INCOMPETE in the very same use of the 14th Amendment such as in Dred Scott versus Sandford - 1857, known as the "Dred Scott Decision and Plessy v. Ferguson – 1896.


One definition of a Paradox is, "an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises."

President Obama recently said, “There is a big difference running for President and being President – in which lay the paradox of then Senator and President Elect Obama and current President Obama.

What endeared many us about Senator Obama was his message of “CHANGE” and all he spoke of and why, he therein drew from valid deductions from acceptable premises.

And now we’re making excuses and shouldn’t because President Obama while being a great spiritual leader, draws many invalid deductions from many questionable premises.


In 2009, I was at Howard University’s Crampton Auditorium to hear Rev. Jeremiah Wright speak.

On that very cold wintery day, just days before the inauguration, Howard University’s Crampton Auditorium, the Blackburn Center via telecast, the basement of both facilities via telecast and the Gym via telecast were filled with people who came from all over the country to hear Rev. Wright speak.

Everyone came to support Rev. Wright, especially after Sarah Palin used him as a tool to further the cause of “White Supremacy”, a sign of things to come and now haunting us even through this recent Presidential election.


Its clear President Obama made history and had success in many memorable ways.

It’s also clear he made mistakes – ok that comes with the job. However, at the end of the day and as Jeremiah aptly stated, President Obama is "POLITICIAN”.

And now, I’m going to add my feelings, he should have been more of a “STATESMAN” – there is a big difference.

Ok, we were willing to make excuses, when Senator Obama distanced himself from Rev. Wright, because winning the Presidency was more important.

HOWEVER AND ITS A BIG HOWEVER, whereby we laud and applaud President Obama’s successes, we turn a blind eye and make excuses for many of his Politician’s failings.

In effect, , we’re just as guilty as Trump supporters that ignore all of Trump’s lies, deceit, erratic behavior and the beat goes on.

Think not – think again…

Considering all the obstruction President Obama encountered by all the obstructionists in congress, his results would have been the same.

And so why?

I feel it’s more about his protection of his legacy and a bit too much pride of authorship.

For the most part, at this junture, here’s what stays with me.

Rev. Jeremiah wright was correct and what he said has come to pass and my personal champion of civil rights, the late Charles Hamilton Houston.

Both the President and Houston are Harvard graduates, both the President and Houston are Constitutionalist.


Charles Hamilton Houston laid the foundation for the use of the 14th Amendment and sadly died four years before his efforts come to fruition in setting aside Plessy versus Ferguson.

President Obama having access of the very same amendment, has failed time and time again to apply it.

Contrary to Republican Presidents, namely Regan and Bush - who applied it time and time again.

Both Regan and Bush appointed people to cabinet level positions, promoted Generals and admirals and appointed to the Supreme Court while Congress was in recess.

The President in looking at an election, was hoping to embarrass the GOP, by appointing Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court back fired so much so, the GOP made him a lame duck President for his 8th year in office.

This was no way to win more seats in the House and Senate.

As I recall, the President won two terms office for 8 years, not 7.

The citizens of the United States have a right to the good faith consideration of each Supreme Court nominee.

In an attempt to subvert the will of the people expressed in the reelection of President Barack Obama in 2012, the current Senate has willfully failed to make a timely assertion of their “ADVISE AND CONSENT” right.

There is legal precedent in United States versus Olano, which ruled that the holder of a constitutional right may waive the right by engaging in an excessive delay in exercising it.

Accordingly, Merrick Garland was nominated on March 16, 2016, more than 237 days ago, greatly exceeding the previous maximum consideration delay of 125 days.

The Senate has waived its right.

If President Obama is insisting on being a politician, he could have caucused with the democrats in the Senate and made the in recess appointments.

However, if he didn’t trust anyone in the Senate, he could have just made the appointments without consulting with them first.

Although my fellow Howard alumnus, Ta-Nehisi Coates said in a recent article and I quote, “Did Obama Underestimate the Role of White Supremacy in His Presidency?” Ta-Nehisi Coates Thinks So.

In my opinion, Ta-Nehisi is partially correct, on the other hand, I feel the President was being a Politician and always knew.

The key for me in drawing my conclusion was First Lady Michelle Obama, in her speech for Hillary Clinton.

The First Lady said, “When they go low, we go high”.. Well, we went a bit too high and didn’t wish to accept we were in “STREET FIGHT” with deplorables.

46.9% which didn’t vote and failed the rest of the country.
In comparison to 25.6% that actually voted for Hillary Clinton and still received 1.7 more votes than Donald Trump’s 25.6% biased deplorables.

We went so high, the Clinton campaign failed to address the lower middle class and those living poverty. The grassroots campaign which won the President two terms in office, just wasn’t there.


After the devastating loses of the 2014 Midterm elections, President Obama said, “we took a shellacking”.

Well if we took a shellacking back then, what does he call this???

Since the tragic loss of this election, we're being bludgeoned to death, with a day after day assault on our humanity, dignity and morality.

Every day that goes by since the election, people have become more despondent and more infuriated.

Trump's continued unstable, childish, dangerous behavior on Twitter and off; his horrifying, extreme picks for the cabinet – individuals who are hostile to civil rights and seem chosen to dismantle government; his surrounding himself with generals, billionaires and nationalists – all of it is alarming and people are truly frightened for our country. Not to mention world leaders

Now before some of you think I’ve become anti-Obama, you’re wrong.

I must address the political realities of what’s happened and to quote President Obama, “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you have been”.

What the President should have realized instead of being so much a Politician is, his legacy is his legacy is his legacy.

No matter what anyone says or does, that legacy is in place and history will judge that legacy one way or the other or even both.

And so what’s at stake, try the United States Supreme Court and future appointments.

Try the gutting of our Constitution in the writing of Public Laws and ratified by a Republican held House, Senate and President.

The process of “Advise and Consent” becoming just a “Rubber Stamp” process.

The system of “checks and balances” will have no real oversight or quality assurance.

Both Ryan and McConnell are proposing bills to allot more monies for the speeding up of Trump’s appointments.

Many of you may not believe it right now, however, you’ll start viewing the Obama legacy and its effect on your life’s sooner that you think.

Just as the Trump deplorables will viewing how they were sold out and voted against their own interest.

Am I still an Obamacrat – absolutely and even though many will read my essay and wonder.

However, in the end Jeremiah was right and I’m just as much a Wrightocrat and just more than ever.

I’m now preparing for the 2018 campaign and what I can do – how about you?
Posted By: Victorio Loubriel
Wednesday, December 21st 2016 at 8:52PM
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