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President Trump will be the best thing that has happened for Black Americans (1365 hits)

I feel President Trump will be the best thing that has happened for Black Americans with the realization not to expect any special attention or assistance, and with Ms. Clinton, It would have been business as usual with the Republicans trying to block every effort she would make.

The character of President Obama's efforts has done so much toward the empowerment of our Black Family.

It is hard to imagine what America will be like now he is gone, especially for US!

Now, Obama is out office, we have to do like Harriet Tubman...

..., By Their Own Rules


On immigration, to me, accepting helpless refugees into the country is much different from that of an immigration issue.

Every other ethnic group, who migrated to the USA after slavery were given opportunities and privileges over Blacks in America. For one, they didn't hold past resentment for enslavement, so they were less of a threat and these groups were willing to accept whatever they were offered. This is much like the immigration issue with Mexican workers, In union terms, those other ethnic groups would be considered "Scabs".

Add in the fact that each of these groups, in a lot of cases were and are being supported by their governments with subsidies aiding in their sustainability, then each one brings one or the whole family and then their village. Look at what happens after an international disaster, these refugees are brought to the USA, and tax payers restore their lives. We have tax and insurance paying citizens still after Katrina, Sandy, etc., still waiting for Government intervention in their recovery.

Next point, not only are most of these other ethnic groups, many family members, most of them are of the same Religious beliefs, which further ties them together, eventually impacting our traditions to fit their values, instead of assimilating in to America, using our own laws to suit themselves.

This is not to ignore how other African descendant groups from the Motherland and the Caribbean take full advantage of this condition, I can speak to that fact having deep roots in the Caribbean.

To me, this is the concern of many African / Americans, Divide and Conquer!

Who Feels It, Knows It!
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Monday, February 6th 2017 at 7:33AM
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