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4 College Degrees with the Potential to Change the Nation for the Better (202 hits)

Many students head off to college hoping to change the world. There are a number of professions that make significant differences in the lives of individuals such as social work, education and health care. However, for those who want to influence national policy that has repercussions for these fields and others, the majors below are all excellent choices.


An understanding of economics is a critical component of understanding how the world works because economic decisions are at the root of many policy decisions ranging from free trade to funding to who a nation chooses as allies and more. Economic theorists from Karl Marx to John Maynard Keynes, and Milton Friedman to Adam Smith, have had a profound influence on national and world politics and so can modern-day economists.

Natural Sciences

If you'd like to help restore the country's supremacy in space exploration, do groundbreaking research on infectious diseases or help the nation lead the charge in changing our understanding of the universe, fields such as physics, astronomy, biology and chemistry might be the right choice for you. Strength in science, technology, engineering and math, also known as STEM, is also critical for a nation's success.

Public Administration

An online master of public administration trains a person to work within the structure of a local, state or federal government. This degree might lead to career choices as varied as becoming a city manager or mayor, working for the Environmental Protection Agency or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or working for nonprofits or nongovernmental organizations.

Political Science

Political science can be an excellent degree for a student who wants to go into politics or create policy at any level. It is also one of several good undergraduate degrees that can lead to law school, and law school is another typical path for people planning to go into politics. A political science degree may be the first step in a career as a congressperson or toward the highest office of all, the presidency.

Another advantage of most of the areas of study above is that they prepare you to work in a number of different fields ranging from law to journalism to education to politics, and more. With these kinds of backgrounds, many people end up with several different careers throughout their lives. For those who dream of making the country a better one, all of the above fields of study are an excellent start.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Wednesday, February 8th 2017 at 4:20PM
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