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Business Major: How to Set Yourself up for a Successful Career (381 hits)

Choosing a business major as your focus in college is a challenging industry that satisfies many graduates. There are hundreds of different businesses in the world that require your college expertise. Don't wait until graduation to start thinking about a career. In fact, you can set yourself up for a successful career during your undergraduate or graduate work. Follow these tips to maximize your chances at a lucrative position.

Network among Students

A successful career starts with your peers. During every class, make it a goal to befriend several people. You'll probably have one or two of these people in multiple classes since they're most likely on the same curriculum schedule as you. Keep up a business-like relationship with these classmates because any one of them can become a contact for a job position. Networking among your peers gives you a chance to hear about jobs found only through word-of-mouth. In some cases, you might end up working with these classmates too.

Work Closely With Professors

Many college students overlook the importance of professor relationships. Although a professor might have 500 students in their lecture class, only a few people show up to their office hours. Be one of the students that regularly attends the office hours. You'll gain a greater insight into the subject, and you might secure a businesslike friend. Your professor may have contacts in the local business industries who can be contacted for possible job prospects. Recommendation letters are also important parts of your resume when hiring personnel are deciding between candidates.

Get Familiar with Business Management Software

You might know the complexities of business, but you're lacking in computer knowledge. Try to take a class about business management software and how to use it. Regardless of your future job position, you'll inevitably work on a computer for correspondence and other tasks. Being able to manipulate the software means that you can gain the most benefit out of it, such as cultivating new clients or business contacts. These software platforms have their complexities as well so gain some knowledge about them before any job interviews. List your experience with the software on your resume, and you'll find many doors opening up for you.

Apply for Internships

Summer might be the best time to hit the beach, but you should have loftier goals in mind. Apply for internships during long vacation periods. These temporary positions are usually paid work in an industry of your choice. The most popular internships fill up fast, so you'll need to apply early on in your college year. Although school prepares you for most of the career work, there's no substitute for hands-on experience. During the internship, learn as much as you can and make several departmental friends. When you graduate, it might be possible to gain a position at that company because of your good experience.

Volunteer at Local Businesses

If your chosen internship is full or unavailable, gain experience by simply volunteering at a local business. Select a company that you're excited about. By offering your free services, the company sees that you have strong career potential. Treat the volunteering work as if it was a paid job. Show up on time, and perform quality work. It's possible for a real position to develop out of that volunteering effort.

Your first job out of college may not be your dream position, but use the experience to your advantage. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks to the job so that you can apply that knowledge to the next employment search. Knowing what you want or don't want out of a career is part of life's challenges. At some point, you'll find a perfect match to your career aspirations.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Monday, March 13th 2017 at 1:35PM
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