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Women Put These Between Your Legs and Build Up Your Mind (720 hits)

Women Put These Between Your Legs and Build Up Your Mind
by William Jackson: Father, Educator, Blogger

Pictures of books located on Photobucket
Placed in a story line

The value of reading and joy of literacy can change lives. It has happened with
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and others that proclaim education is the
key to generational prosperity.
Books focusing on women and their achievements are not rare, but available, girls
and women are not reading great books about themselves. These books are
sitting on bookshelves gathering dust and pages are fading away like the memories
of the great writers, storytellers and the information that can motivate, excite
and change minds.

Chinua Achebe the great Nigerian author of many books that are still popular today
has stated that the author has a different agenda than the Emperor. Colonization
seeks to keep the people un or under educated so they cannot see that they can
do better.

As I sift through the fantastic books in my local library here in Jacksonville, Florida,
I'm at awe and sorrowed that it seems I'm the only one that previewed the historic
content of information dedicated to African Americans. The excitement I feel is
overwhelming because I want to share these treasures of stories about wonderful
women of color, but it seems no one else is interested. I do not know if it is by
design or on accident, either way the stories of lives that have inspired,
influenced and empowered are fading away from memory and gather dust on
bookshelves not just in Jacksonville Florida, but nationally and globally.

Lets me be honest there are few if any left African American book stores in African
American neighborhoods because African Americans are not reading as they
once did. There is the mental retardation that reading is not valuable so not only
economically do we as a people fail, but educationally and culturally as our
own history is watered down.

Suggestions for daughters/women struggling with personality and self purpose.
Be yourself and be authentic. Don't be pressured into s*x or other situations
that do not benefit you intellectually and educationally. As a father I look forward
to my daughter getting married and having children of her own. The upsetting
issue is what kind of man will she fall in love with and bear their children.
The dating scene for college students is perplexing, dangerous, and challenging
for the hopes of getting a good man and even men getting a good wife.

Fathers inwardly stress about this and there are T-shirts referencing guns,
murder, jail time and even castration if a fathers' daughter is abused,
assaulted, "knocked up," or hurt. Men are crazy like that about their daughters.
Movies such as "Blood Father" 2016 represents that fathers are not perfect,
but mess with their daughters and there is hell to pay.

I'm smart enough to know it takes two to make a baby, as a father of a son and
daughter, it is hoped and prayed that both parties are responsible in their
choices for life time mates and companions. s*x does not last forever, but the
value of companionship, conversation and compatibility is vital. I can't tell my
children not to have s*x because as Nikki Giovanni once said, "that's what
young people do, have s*x." Edward Waters College 2012
Interviewing Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College 2012

Parents have to teach their children the consequences of s*x
not just the potential for STD's or pregnancy, but the emotional and
psychological consequences also.
Nikki and William

Looking at the patterns of teens and college students and even from my
observations from my college experiences babies happen from s*x. I cannot
count how many girls went home during my college years pregnant and no man,
no husband and an uncertain future to struggle it alone with a child that the
father was happy to help create even if unintentional, but did not want anything
to do with it after finding out his seed fertilized an egg. As a divorced parent,
I stayed in my children's life, not because of court orders, because I love my
children and even though divorced from their mother I did not divorce my kids.
I stayed in their lives, supporting beyond child support.

I'm not perfect, no parent is, as a parent my fears sometimes as many
fathers leave me awake late at night, in prayer about the future of my son
and daughter. My son for different reasons being African American male
and a college student. A blog for another time.

This past Women History's Month there were programs, ceremonies, workshops,
entertainment and special events. My contribution as a father is daughters,
girls and young women don't be swayed by smooth talking brothers of any
color into making a decision based on physical pleasure that is temporary,
but could result in life long consequences from pregnancy, a STD, abortion,
or other events that may lead to emotional, physical or psychological

The older you become the more your past may begin to haunt you and
your reliance on salvation turns back to the church and saving your soul,
also a blog for another time. Visiting the local library in Jacksonville,
Florida a thought came to mind..
"Women Put These Between Your Legs and Build Up Your Mind" to emphasis
that before a man gets into bed, women need to get into their heads to
understand the relationships and commitment levels. Since the maturity
level is sometimes light years separate both need to make sure they
are mature enough to be in agreement.

NO means NO and a maybe still means NO unless willingly changed to a
YES without alcohol, drugs or smooth talking... even then protection
needs to be agreed on because as I have taught my son and especially
my daughter you don't know how many others that person has claimed
or lied that they slept with, but once you do all of you are connected
in a physical, emotional and psychological connection that lasts a life

s*x is a bonding physical action of trading bodily fluids that are absorbed
into the body and the meshing of souls in a emotional, physical and
psychological embrace. Like the old folks saying, if you lay with dogs
long enough you get fleas and ticks. Now you can get more than
that, because death maybe laying there waiting on you. There is
nothing wrong with being smart, intelligent, creative and innovative
for girls and women.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the best in life and working for
it as a women. Don't ever sell yourself, sell yourself short and use
your body for profit, personal or professional gain. People have lost
their morality, ethics and personal value because of decisions based
on momentary decisions they are struggling with into adulthood.
"Fathers Tell Your Daughters to Put These Between Their Legs" is a
way for a dialogue of talking about life and the journey all of us
must take. Fathers value their daughters, but in that value must
also come the understanding that daughters must find their way
in life as well. There will be happiness, heartache, loves,
un-loves, peace, strife and the continuation of living in a world
that can chew you up and spit you out or try to turn you away
from the morality of humanity.

Fathers be in prayer, stay in prayer and share those prayers with
your daughters and sons. We have to take advantage of the
youthfulness of our children to teach them when they are
young and before we are old. It is easier to shape a young
sapling when it can bend with the wind than when it becomes a
tree and the roots are dug in and the trunk un-movable.

Fathers teach your daughters their mind and their bodies are
the most valuable resources they have and to never allow anyone
to take advantage of them and use them for someone else's
pleasure and purpose. The books below are a journey in lives,
a wealth of hidden information and resources.

Take the time to visit your local library and even get a
library card to check out books for your reading and literacy
pleasure. Put something between your legs that will bring
value to your life.
Knowledge from Nikki Giovanni and her outlook on life and living.

Pictures of books located on Photobucket
Placed in a story line

Lunch and Learn with Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College
Posted By: William Jackson
Thursday, April 13th 2017 at 1:20PM
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