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How Teachers Can Inspire Their Students to Reach New Heights in Their Education (234 hits)

It is no secret that school, for the most part, is not the ideal way in which most kids would like to spend their mornings. Most students are bored, uninterested, and sometimes discouraged in the typical classroom setting. We as teachers are constantly looking for ways to motivate our students to take an interest in their academics. Consider these three simple approaches to the classroom environment to help inspire your students to be enthusiastic about their
educational experience.

1. Consider a U-Shaped Classroom
This is may be more ideal for smaller classrooms, however many teachers are able to yield amazing results from their students by simply arranging the student desks into a U-shape. A U-shaped classroom has been said to help encourage interaction among students. This helps to provide an inviting environment for events such as student discussion and presentation. It also helps you connect with your students by causing you to change your position in the classroom, often placing you in the middle of the U-shape. A U-shaped classroom has the potential to take the edge off of students and create a non-conventional educational environment.

2. Know the Names of Your Students
Some teachers (especially those who teach older grades) may not find it necessary to learn all of their students' names. However, there is a huge benefit in knowing every single studentís first and last name and using their name frequently. Being well-versed in the names of your students will allow your students to feel accounted for in the classroom. By taking the time to associate first and last names with faces in your classroom, your students will actually feel like an important member of the environment instead of a body in an assigned seat. Learning your students names as quickly as possible is essential for creating an interpersonal relationship with your students. This lets them know that their teacher cares about them and their success, which proves to be a huge motivational factor for the average student.

3. Be the Connection to the Subject Matter
As weird and cliche as it sounds, we as teachers are the medium in which academia is provided to our students. You are their connection to the possibilities that lie ahead through education. This is something that should be kept in mind during instruction. Using examples from their world to bring them into the world of science, mathematics, history, or language will help them to grasp concepts easier and provides incentive for them to take an interest. An
online masterís degree in special education will give you the tools to understand how several different groups of students view the world so that you may understand them better.

Teaching is such a vital profession in our society, and having such a role in a student's education is not a job to be taken lightly. There have been several success stories that have been accounted for by the inspiration of great teachers! With just the right environment, your students can be inspired to change the world.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Wednesday, April 19th 2017 at 6:36PM
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