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4 Ways Educators Can Effectively Integrate Technology in the Classroom (149 hits)

It is no secret that society has long since been engulfed by a series of technological advances. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than within the education sector. In order to prepare young people for success in the future, technology must be a part of the everyday classroom environment today. Here are four ways that educators can effectively integrate technology into their classroom.

Warmup Activities

Warmup activities have long been used by teachers as a way to provide focus at the beginning of the day. This used to involve board work, as that was about the only creative media tool available to teachers. With technology, however, there are many great warmup activities that can now be driven by modern inventions. Students can practice keyboarding one day, go over common core assessment problems the next, and then try something new on Wednesday.

One-Minute Takeaway

At the end of a lesson or day it is important to provide students with a focused activity that helps them to retain the most critical pieces of information that the teacher delivered. This is not always easy, as students are eager to leave the class and meet up with their friends or get to their next class. Technology can now be used to be an exit ticket to leave the class by providing a focused one to two minute activity that must be completed prior to making it through the classroom door.

Provide Students with Simulated Activities

Students need to practice material in a hands-on manner whenever possible. One way that history teachers can use technology is to simulate important events and actions that were taken throughout history. Students are captivated by the technology that goes into this. Likewise, dissections in a science classroom can now place via the use of various pieces of technology.

Develop a Classroom Web Page

A great way to stay connected with parents and students outside of class is via a classroom web page. This is a way to post homework assignments, important pieces of information, and much more. Some schools, such as UC Clermont College, know that students can also get involved with the classes above them to keep the classroom web page active, relevant, and useful.

These are just four of the many ways that today’s teacher can effectively integrate technology into the classroom. It is important to vary the activities and to provide students with as much as exposure to different mediums as possible. This will give them the tools that they need to be successful as young adults
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Thursday, April 20th 2017 at 1:54PM
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