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5 Outside-the-Box Ways to Supplement Your Education (127 hits)

Perhaps you're in a phase of your life where formal educational opportunities are limited, but you'd still like to find a way to broaden your horizons of knowledge and experience. If you're a busy parent, or you work full time, or you're already in school but simply want to explore enrichment in areas outside your field of study, there's good news for you when it comes to supplementing your education. Listed below are some creative options you could consider to make life a continual adventure of learning.

1. Master A Musical Instrument
Many people don't realize how beneficial the many mental benefits to studying a musical instrument. In fact, studies show significant positive differences in both the structure and function of the brains of people who play musical instruments compared to those who do not. You can take one-on-one music lessons from an instructor, or you can take a music class at a local music store, or you can even explore online music lesson options. If you're not sure which instrument to try, you could go to your local music store and check to see which classes they have available. If you're not ready to make the up-front investment of buying an instrument, you could borrow one from a friend or family member who is not currently using their instrument, or you could check into economical rental options.

2. Rediscover Religious Instruction
Often people begin to feel a sense of emptiness when all their time is spent in the material realm. If you're looking for a heightened level of meaning and purpose in life, you may want to check into some spiritual educational options. Many churches and community groups offer free Bible studies or religious instruction classes. These often take place on different days of the week, offering plenty of flexibility for busy people. For those who enjoy self-study, you can explore on your own by searching for answers to questions about spirituality online.

3. Optimize Outdoor Experiences
If you're interested in improving your physical health while learning about the benefits of being outdoors, you could enroll in an outdoor education school. These schools are designed to teach a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and going on trail runs. You can take specific classes that are tailored to your interests, such as biking, rock climbing, or rowing. Chances are good that taking advantage of these outdoor learning opportunities will improve both your mood and your health. You'll probably feel rejuvenated by surrounding yourself with the tranquility of nature and getting your body into peak physical condition in an encouraging environment.

4. Accelerate Artistic Abilities
Perhaps you've always been interested in a certain form of art, but you've never been formally instructed in how to excel in the area that interests you. Many community centers have started offering affordable classes in various forms of art. Some of the most popular would include painting, drawing, and pottery. Even if you have no prior experience but you'd like to learn, you could take a beginning class. There are few activities more satisfying than expressing yourself through art, so if you'd like to learn more about how to create your own masterpiece, you can check at your local community center or community college today to find out more about what types of classes they have to offer.

5. Scout Out Self Study
Perhaps you simply lack the time or physical ability to get out of the house and go to classes of any kind. Thanks to modern technology, there's a world of learning possibilities available at your fingertips as long as you have access to the internet. Choose just about any topic that you're interested in studying. Look through the search engine to find articles from reputable sources, such as recognized educational institutions, that provide relevant information about your topic of interest. Informative, interesting articles and sometime whole e-books abound about practically any topic imaginable. You can improve your mind and occupy your time constructively through self-study even if you're currently homebound.

Hopefully you've gained some ideas and inspiration for furthering your education from these helpful tips. The key to learning about anything is exploring all your available options for studying that particular subject. Once your eyes are open to the fun and fascinating educational enrichment ideas available to you, your only difficulty may be figuring out which one to take advantage of first!
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Thursday, May 11th 2017 at 4:48PM
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