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Best College Freshmen Survival Tips the Seniors Wish They Had Known (125 hits)

Freshman year in college counts among the most amazing times in a personís life. If youíre about ready to head into your first year in college, chances are you donít know what to expect. While some experiences in college canít be anticipated, only lived, many of the events that cause us stress can be planned for. Here are four ways that you can plan for the unexpected during your freshman year. By keeping these survival tips in mind and implementing the advice they offer, your freshman year can go a whole lot smoother.

1. Watch Your Credit Cards

Chances are youíll get bombarded with credit card offers once you start school. However, itís easy to get caught up in the debt trap very quickly. An article on The Balance has a couple of suggestions for college students who get credit cards. First, only get one card and one card only. On average, college students have at least $3,000 in credit card debt. More cards means more debt. Second - in light of this - make sure you only charge what you can afford to pay off each month. Finally, look around for the ideal card. Frequent flyer miles might sound nice, but the credit card with the lowest interest rate is the better deal.

2. Murphy Will Visit

You know Murphyís Law. If itís going to haywire, it will go haywire. Okay, that was a paraphrase, but it doesnít make it any less true. That said, Murphyís strike can be held back by a little preparation and common sense. For example, the power could go out when you need to finish that paper for your English Lit class. Having a portable charger, such as one from TYLT, keeps the computer on, allowing you to finish that paper on time. In order to be best prepared for Murphy, think of the stuff that could go wrong like getting unexpected bills or running out of food before you get paid. Make a plan for those events. And if planning also includes taking steps like buying the recharger or the food so that you have it on hand, make sure that you take those steps, too. This makes Murphyís strike a little less painful.

3. Attend Orientation

If college life is new to you, take advantage of orientation. Live Career points out that orientation helps you get to know your campus and the amenities there. Knowledge like this could come in handy when you need to know where the print shop is to print off that paper or if youíre starving and need to find an on-campus eatery fast. Orientation also introduces you to safety offices like the campus police or to important administrative offices like the registrarís office, too.

4. Donít Skip Class

Itís easy to get intoxicated by the freedom that college grants you. Unless you live at home, thereís no one making you get up for that 8:30 a.m. class. Or whenever. However, youíre missing vital information when you miss class. Sure, you may borrow your classmateís notes, but some activities canít be made up. For example, say youíre taking a Spanish class. Part of mastering a new language is hearing it often and practicing it daily. Thereís no way around this if you want to excel in the language. Many subjects are like this. Attending class puts you closer to success in that subject.

Freshman year is exciting and intimidating and fun all at once. Because of this, plenty of incoming freshmen find college life challenging. However, being prepared for the challenges is one way to sidestep them. From attending class to keeping food on hand, these little preparations can make all the difference between having an unpleasant first-year experience and having an awesome one.
Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Friday, May 12th 2017 at 5:52PM
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