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4 Ways Teens Can Forge Foundations for a Successful Career (222 hits)

The working world is more competitive than ever today. Teens who're interested in any career must think about their goals as early as their freshman year of high school. If they know the rough pathway that they want to take, they'll need to forge their own way to achieve those lofty goals. Explore how teens can create solid foundations as they learn more about careers and their place in the world.

Look for Internships

Forge a foundation for a successful career by participating in an internship. Teenagers with work permits are welcome to apply for internships during the summer. For two or three months, these students have a chance to perform the work as if they were adults. Teens might file, answer phones or perform other essential tasks. In most cases, they're trained by at least one professional who's assigned to them. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and they must be taken seriously in either situation. These positions are real work that must be completed for the good of the company. At the end of the internship, the teens will have a solid experience to put on their resumes. Future employers will be thrilled and shocked to learn that a teenager performed such great work even before college.

Go Beyond the Requirements

Forging a successful career means thinking and completely assignments that go beyond the requirements. You might write an essay about a historical subject. Finish the essay early, and then you can research a little known fact about that time era. If you plan to teach or study history in the future, these expanded projects will help you create a niche for yourself. When teachers see that you want to learn more, they might offer unique assignments and resources that are yours alone. Learning about a core subject in life will only help you achieve greatness within that industry during a future endeavor.

High School and Beyond

A basic way to forge foundations for a successful career is working hard in high school. Earn an online high school diploma along with certain accolades. Take as many advanced and honors classes as possible. Advanced-placement classes that offer college credit are also desirable. Take the associated tests that measure your grasp of a subject. College credit earned at a young age is a desirable trait in the working world. Online college courses and prep information are also core to a successful career past high school. The information that you learn online or in a physical classroom is the same so study hard to pass those tests. Future employers look at your grades to see how dedicated you are to the learning arts. Stellar grades can get you in the door of almost any industry.

Shadow a Professional

Teens have an opportunity to see nearly any career up close by shadowing a professional. In essence, the teen follows a particular professional around for one day so that every job aspect is seen and experienced firsthand. Job shadowing doesn't allow the teen to participate in the work, such as during an internship. However, certain industries might be too dangerous or advanced for teens to see under an internship umbrella. A shadowing situation can be perfect for teens who're looking to enter a trade, such as electrical work or construction. Teens can't perform the work right now, but the shadowing gives them a taste of a successful career pathway. If the job fascinates them, the teens can work toward that goal with some experience up their sleeves.

Some teens don't have a clear choice for their careers in high school. There's nothing wrong with exploring various subjects in college in order to find that pathway. As soon as they pick a career, start forging those pathways to really make an industry impact.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Monday, June 19th 2017 at 3:39PM
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