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3 Educational Pathways To Consider If You Love Technology (481 hits)

Technology is the future, and has been the catalyst for the formation of many interesting careers and educational paths. If you love technology, you're in luck because there are many in demand tech degrees and careers you can pursue. Consider taking any of these three educational pathways if you want a tech-focused career.
1. Computer Science
Probably one of the broadest and most popular technology degrees, as computers are the base of modern technology, there is a lot you can do with a computer science degree if you love working with computers. Computer science programs teach the basics of computing and prepare students for careers working with computers in all kinds of ways. With a degree in computer science, you will be well-equipped for a career in software engineering, computer programming, IT management and analysis, cloud computing and much more.
2. Library Science
While it can be a challenge for new librarians to find good jobs with cuts to funding and other problems plaguing libraries, students who are interested in obtaining a library science degree while also being into tech have some pretty good job prospects. This is because many libraries are seeing the need to incorporate more tech into their programs and facilities, and so library science majors with a background in technology will be more in demand. With 94%of the population seeing the importance of a library and the materials offered there, using technology to make those resources even more available is only going to become more important.
3. 3D Printing Design
Not many schools offer 3D printing design degrees directly, but some do for those interested in getting involved in this growing and diverse field. Other degrees that can be useful for a career in 3D printing include engineering, design or even biomedical technology. 3D printers can now make a lot of utterly amazing things, from realistic nose and ear prosthetics to custom guitars. Almost $11 billion dollars was spent on 3D printing alone in 2015. This technology will continue to develop and may perhaps become a staple of human existence sometime in the near future, so anyone with a serious interest in this technology shouldn't miss their chance to shape this exciting and emerging new field.
Technology lovers are in luck because tech degrees are generally in demand and command very high salaries, so it's very difficult to go wrong in this field if you have a lot of passion and skill. Consider these three tech-oriented educational paths or take your love of technology to nearly any field of your choosing - most require tech to function in some capacity. The sky's the limit and you're almost certain to find success.
Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 3:29PM
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