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5 Great Degrees for Women Who Want to Change the World (194 hits)

Today, young women who are considering a career path have a broad range of options available. Starting out, these women may be unsure about choosing an academic program that will maximize their opportunities. Women who are determined to use their talents to make the world a better place can focus on a number of specific areas that will be of critical interest in the future. Here are five areas of study that can help these young women to make their mark.

Health Administration

As the population ages, the administration of healthcare services will become a more critical element of modern society. With governmental agencies committing themselves to providing healthcare for everyone, the need for individuals who understand the complex issues involved healthcare systems will grow exponentially. Individuals who believe that good healthcare ensures a strong and productive citizenry will be able to help develop effective systems that best serve the changing needs of the population.

Environmental Science

Creating a sustainable world in the future will require people with degrees in environmental sciences. These individuals will be involved in analyzing current environmental issues and designing effective programs to manage natural resources to protect them for posterity. The field can cover a broad range of topics including air quality, fisheries management, coastal preservation, atmospheric conditions and other areas.

Political Science

If you want to be involved in changing policy at the legislative level, a degree in political science can be the stepping-stone to getting you a place in political campaigns that work to implement concrete changes. You may even choose to be a candidate for office yourself. Enroll in a school like UC Clermont College and see if you enjoy and excel at law enough to go on to law school. If itís right for you, youíll make a big difference in many peopleís lives!


Experts warn that water will be among the most critical issues in society in the future. Hydrology is the science of waterís distribution, movement and relationship to land. A degree in hydrology will prepare you to work in this important field, not only within the United States, but also in nations around the world.


Engineering is a field of study that affects almost every aspect of society. The buildings and systems that people use every day are the result of the work of conscientious engineers who take dreams and make them possible. But engineers are also involved in the planning and implementation of new ways of making society work more effectively in the future, for average people around the globe.
The world has a pressing need for dedicated people with a willingness to apply their skills toward efforts that make a difference. Young women can tailor their educational programs to help them influence change in the world at large. These 5 degrees can take you far toward achieving that goal. When you find your passion and forge a clear path, you can create the changes that serve to improve many peoplesí lives.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Wednesday, July 12th 2017 at 1:50PM
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