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4 Pre-K Strategies To Help Your Kids Get Off To The Best Start (418 hits)

Kindergarten is just down the road for your kids, and you might be worried whether or not they are ready. This is a common anxiety for parents, both new and experienced, and it's not always unfounded. But there are a lot of ways you can prepare your children to start kindergarten or even preschool. These four strategies have been proven to work and are effective.
1. Send Them To Preschool
Attending preschool, like those at Kid's Country Learning Center, is one of the best ways to ensure children get off to the best start in their educational careers. Children will get used to a classroom setting and begin to learn what is expected of them as they make the change from toddlers into schoolchildren. They will learn how to properly interact with and get along with other children and will begin to develop a sense of independence from their home life and parents.
2. Read To Them
Reading to your child from an early age has a lot of benefits. He or she will begin developing early reading comprehension skills, and even demonstrate greater confidence in general. It will increase your child's vocabulary and instill in them a sense of curiosity about the world. Plus, it's a fun activity parents and children can enjoy together as bonding time.
3. Socialize Them
Encouraging social interaction with other children will ensure your child enters kindergarten or preschool with already-developing social skills. Summer programs, community involvement or even just playing on the playground at the local park with other children will begin to teach your child how to interact appropriately with others. These skills will be very important once your child starts school, because he will be on his own and need to have a good idea of how to interact with other children.
4. Engage Positively With Your Child First, you can talk often with her, listen to her intently and answer her questions. You can encourage her writing and creative skills by providing her pencils, crayons and drawing paper. You can use everyday occurrences to teach your child about numbers and letters, as well as important life lessons. This can include the amount of produce you buy at the grocery store or how many wheels your car has and how that helps it go. You can also begin giving your child daily chores and tasks to increase her independence and sense of responsibility.
The four strategies above will help ensure your kids get off to the best start when they enter kindergarten. Attending pre-k is a major step in the right direction, but so are the ways you interact with your child in everyday life. Read with your children, engage positively with them and socialize them well with other children, and they should be set. Don't fret - they'll be fine!
Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Monday, August 7th 2017 at 12:26PM
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