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My View From Harlem – Omarosa Manigault, No Years a Slave.. (908 hits)

My View From Harlem – Omarosa, No Years a Slave..

Before I begin my commentary, let me say; I don’t begrudge anyone for earning a living honestly.

However, from the very beginning, it was clear to me that Omarosa wasn’t trading up and networking, she had every intent on making a Faustian alliance with the Massa’s of both political parties.

Omarosa was a failed Cell Phone Rep, however, somehow got herself aligned with the Al Gore Campaign and on his staff as Vice President for African American outreach… as his advisor for African American outreach… Well, all of know how that worked out..

From there she set her sights on becoming the Fake President’s reality “Porn” star on his TV show, The Apprentice.

To date, Omarosa is known for being the most hated of all the people to appear. And, as all of know that’s right out of the Fake President's “Play Book”..

Now she becomes a “Transpoliticalgender” member of the Fake President’s campaign and now his administration. The rest is now bad history…

Ok, she goes from making whatever Cell Phone Rep makes to a $180,000 dollar salary and an all expense account becoming, as the late Malcolm X once described “The House slave” with the “We sick” mindset, as opposed to who the Fake President sees as the “Field Slaves”..

The one thing which really strike an angry cord with me and many others is, this Coonette walked across the very same Quad or as we affectionately call “The Yard” at Howard University…

Dr. Carter G. Woodson's father once wrote, “learning to accept insult, to compromise on principle, to mislead your fellow man, or to betray your people, is to lose your soul.”

Why have our race be part of another reality show and subject and distract from what we really need to do - there's nothing satisfying in that and certainly not beneficial...

Here's a thought, If we stop having her appear at our race's events, the Fake President will she's really of no relavnace and turn on her and turn her out like a no longer needed hooker...

To Quote Frederick Douglass, "I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence."

Now for my commentary;

I'd like to know why our race of people still has the Fake President's Trump’s assigned “Fake Coonette Whisperer” Omarosa at these events?

Is the National Association for Black Journalist (NABJ) so hard up for attendees and has to “Jump the shark” in order gain attention? That's TV reality show, "Complete and Utter Bull****"

Is the NABJ Convention now "NABJ Journalist in New Orleans" reality show???

This isn't even "High School" reality show drama this is more like "Sandbox"

Least we forget, during the Fake President’s campaign, he declined an invitation to speak at the NAACP’s annual meeting last July, and also rejected an invitation to the National Association of Black Journalists in August.

Although Mitt Romney brought in some of his own supporters to the NAACP National Convention, he none the less spoke knowing he faced his detractors.

It isn't that Omarosa has some type of relevance as a fake advisor to the Fake President or decides anything of importance facing our race of people.

Well maybe devising ways to sell out our race of people with these “bait and switch and smoke and mirror” deceptions.

Now ask all those HBCU Presidents who went to the White(man's)House - remember that?

Lets no forget that Omarosa said, “We Don’t Have Time For This, Blacks Aren’t Committed To Working With Trump”…

Her comments also show a blatant disregard for the current climate the Fake President’s administration created, which alienated minority communities with divisive speeches.

It also places the owness on communities of color by Omarosa basically saying, “we’ve extended an olive branch but you’ve refused to take it.” Hmmmmmmm

Could it be that the Black community sees more of a whip and lashings? Well we know the answer to that…

There is already mass dissention at the NABJ due Omarosa’s presence when Ed Gordon chose to Moderate NABJ Panel with Omarosa , after first moderator Pulled out.

Omarosa is part of a panel discussion on police brutality.

Excuse me –really???

Especially considering on July 29, 2017, In a speech to law enforcement officers , the Fake President embraced physicality against suspects in custody, and told police officers: “Don’t be too nice” to suspects in custody

The majority member of NABJ there don’t want her involved. It’s heavy drama.

Everyone sees it as extremely offensive..

If and nothing else, coonette Omarosa reminds me of the screen character, Mistress Harriet Shaw (played by Alfie Woodward) in the movie 12 Years a Slave.

The motion picture association’s warning of 12 years a slave are : torture, whipping, slavery, male frontal ******, separation from family, s*xuality.

However, judging by the mindset of the Fake President, and all the staff submissive behavior, who’s to say what is actually happening in the White(man’s)House…


Sitting on the Grand house's Piazza, Patsey is having tea
Though once a slave, she is now comparatively refined though not
wholly so.
The table where they sit is adorned with
white linens, and they are attended by a slave.


Ha! You worry for me? Got no
cause to worry for my
sensibilities. I ain't felt the
end of a lash in 'mo years than I
cain recall. Ain't worked a
field, neither. Where one time I
served, now I got others servin'
me. The cost to my current
existence be Massa Shaw
broadcasting his affections, 'n me
enjoyin' his pantomime of
fidelity. If that what keep me
from the cotton pickin' *****s,
that what it be. A small and
reasonable price to be paid 'fo

Looking toward Patsey, speaking with great empathy:


I knowed what it like to be the
object of Massa's predilections
and peculiarities. And I knowed
they can get expressed with
kindness or wit violence. A lusty
visit in the night, or a
visitation from the whip. And wit
my experience, if'n I can give
comfort, then comfort I give. And
you take comfort, Patsey; the Good
Lord will manage Epps. In His own
time the Good Lord will manage dem
all. Yes, Lordy, there's a day
comin' that will burn as an oven.
It comin' as sure as the Lord is
just. When His will be done...the
curse on the Pharos is a poor
example of all that wait 'fo the
plantation class.

Mistress Shaw turns her head to the side, catching a
slave's attention.

As she does so, the slave, a YOUNG
WOMAN, commences to pour tea.
As if to punctuate her thought, the Mistress takes a sip
of her tea.

And that's My View From Harlem...

Posted By: Victorio Loubriel
Friday, August 11th 2017 at 4:14PM
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