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3 Ways Extracurricular Sports Influence More Than Education (665 hits)

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While it's true being very good at sports can net you a college scholarship, participation in extracurricular sports has far more influence on how your life ultimately pans out than that. Involvement positively influences your friendships, your health and your character. It influences how you learn to interact with people and work together in a group. Because of these facts and more, extracurricular sports influence more elements of your life than just education.

1. They Provide Social Interaction

Most sports are team-oriented, which means they provide an excellent outlet for social interaction. Even with solo sports, there is still ample opportunity to connect with other people in that particular sport's community. These interactions with others teach how to deal with other people, especially during highly emotional moments like when a team is losing. Being involved in sports can teach you how to encourage others and how everyone contributes, even though not everyone is a star. Friendships you make with your fellow teammates, coaches and even rival teams can stay with you long after you finish playing.

2. They Teach Valuable Skills

Being involved in sports teaches some very valuable skills that will be of great use later in life. These skills include planning, responsibility, decision-making ability, and, of course, teamwork. For example, you have to develop good decision-making skills to determine which teammate the ball should be passed to. There are 300,000-350,000 sports officials nationwide, which provides an opportunity for your child to see how adults handle conflict, and learn to handle contentious situations themselves. Sports also help develop good eye-hand coordination skills, which is important for military positions as well as many jobs that require manual labor.

3. They Keep You Healthy

It's well-known that most Americans don't get as much exercise as they really need. Being involved in sports promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides participants with an opportunity for fun exercise. This greatly reduces the risk of some serious diseases later in life, such as diabetes, and you will generally feel better about yourself. You also might choose to go on and obtain an online rn to msn nurse practitioner, or a healthcare specialty in sports injury.
Extracurricular sports influence a lot more than just education. They influence your social life, your abilities and your health, among other things. Besides that, playing sports is a lot of fun, so it should come as no surprise that thousands of adults, teenagers and children get involved in sport activities every year. Whether you go on to play professionally or just get involved as a hobby, playing sports will have an unquestionably powerful influence on your life.
Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Tuesday, August 29th 2017 at 1:03PM
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