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Education Endorsement: 3 Ways You Can Help Young People Succeed (480 hits)

If you've ever had the notion of wanting young people to succeed in their studies, there's no reason not to act on it. Young people are, after all, the future, and many of them can use adult guidance and help. You can change a lot of lives as well as contribute to society in a positive way by helping young people succeed. If you want to contribute to the education of the next generation, here are three things you can do.

1. Recommendations

One of the best ways you can help young people out is to recommend them personally, either through a letter or verbally. Many programs require letters of recommendation from authority figures as part of the application, and your letters can help young people get into programs that will truly fuel their education. Don't just wait until you're asked for one - always make it very clear that young people you know can get a letter of recommendation from you whenever they need it.

2. Donate

If you don't have a lot of spare time to give to volunteer efforts, there are plenty of ways you can financially contribute to the success of young people. Donations don't have to be money, however - you can also give old books to schools or libraries or bring in art or classroom supplies. In some areas, you can even donate old cars for use in mechanic training to schools like Newgate School. So when looking to make a donation, think outside the box and even work with local teachers to find out what they need.

3. Work As A Tutor

Working as a tutor is another fantastic way of helping young people receive the best education. Tutoring is big business, with many students receiving some kind of tutoring help on one subject or another throughout their academic careers. You can even do tutoring remotely, as there are a number of online tutoring businesses where you can sign up and get hired as a tutor. Tutoring might be a volunteer activity or it might actually pay, so there is some benefit to you as well. To be a good tutor, you need to be knowledgeable in at least a subject or two and be both patient and able to communicate information on topics clearly and effectively.
It's a noble goal to want and work towards the success of young people's education. In many cases, all you have to do is publicly place a value on education so the youth you influence will value it too. If you want to do something a little more involved, consider any or all of the three ways mentioned above. Lots of youth will be grateful for your involvement and support.
Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Tuesday, September 19th 2017 at 11:18AM
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