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School Sports? What You Need To Know About Title IX (557 hits)

Title IX is one of the most important pieces of legislation about which a coach should know. Unfortunately, most coaches arenít given enough education about the legislation. Below are the facts you need to know about Title IX.

To Whom It Applies

Title IX is a piece of federal legislation that applies to any educational organization that receives federal assistance. In short, this tends to mean any public or private school that gets money from the federal government. While you might assume that a private school receives no funding, thereís a good chance that it receives some federal money. If a school receives even a penny in federal funds, it is subject to Title IX.

When It Applies

Title IX is generally thought of as a law that concerns sports. While some of the most visible Title IX cases are sports-related, it actually applies to any program run by an educational institution. As such, Title IX applies just as much to the debate club as it applies to the football team. Title IX cases do tend to be much more prevalent in the sporting world. As such, itís important to remember that coaches should be well-informed about the scope of Title IX.

How It Works

You should also be aware that Title IX compliance isnít as simple as allowing a boy on a girlsí team or vice-versa. The legislation is largely about providing equitable opportunity, not the same opportunity. As such, it must be shown that the school is providing an equitable opportunity for both genders to participate in similar activities. This extends not only to providing teams, but also to scholarships, equipment, and facilities. If you donít know if your school is in compliance, it may be better to save your questions for Title IX lawyer.

Whatís At Risk

Violating Title IX can cause major issues for a school. It causes a lot of confusion and legality issues that can be very troublesome for everyone involved. Violations can also cause a school to have all of its federal funding pulled. This isnít something that can be ignored, so take these violations seriously.
Title IX is a complex piece of legislation, but compliance is not impossible. Make sure that any sports opportunities at your school are given fairly and equitably without discriminating against either gender. So long as fair chances are given to all students to try out and participate, itís easy for a school to stay in compliance.
Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Thursday, October 19th 2017 at 4:36PM
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