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Introducing Pop Music's - Kimani Edwards (1240 hits)

The lyrics to Kimani Edwards' latest single release, "Rider", reflects the passion and confidence of a young artist whose star is on the rise:"I'm looking for a rider, someone that will ride with me....because I can take you higher, way, way, up!" is an anthem and a goal for Kimani who has set her sights on real success in the music and acting industry.

As a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, Kimani has some pretty impressive movie and TV credits already at age 16, as well as a new music single and video, and her EP will be released in 2018.

Born in Germany as an 'Army Brat', and raised in Georgia, Kimani has a very focused career plan she is launching out of Atlanta, the entertainment capitol of the South, with her manager and mother, Kimi Edwards. They formed a management company, 'Sqwad Kimani', as a support for a burgeoning career that has many aspects to it.

One of her favorite artists is the late, Aaliyah, who herself was honing her skills as a teenager, and by age 21 was already a beloved and revered artist in the industry before a tragic plane accident took her life. Being a student of great artists such as Aaliyah, and their work ethics, is something that Kimi Edwards has instilled in Kimani who has taken note of people who have proven themselves as the best in the entertainment industry, such as Queen Latifah, Lee Daniels, Ian Burke, and Jermaine Dupri, to name a few.

"Kimani's style of music is unique. She is so much more than just a pop and R&B artist. She has a passion for all styles of music! Kimani is head strong and is determined to be successful in her singing and acting career. When it comes to acting she has always enjoyed imitating other characters from movies and has been gifted to improv very well. There is always room to grow and learn in the entertainment business and Kimani is eager to learn more. She is really a sweet girl that has always had a big heart for the under dog. She will stand up for those who may not stand up for themselves and can't stand to see people being mistreated. Kimani is big on encouraging others to look at the bright side of things" says Kimi Edwards, Kimani's manager and mother.

Prince once said that he was relieved that the music industry was in good standing when he witnessed some of the new generation of artists taking the baton in reference to singers like Janelle Monae and Judith Hill. He would no doubt have included Kimani Edwards in that group. Her passion for acting and singing talent is evident once you see her perform.

I caught up with Kimani recently to learn about her goals and what's next for this artist whose name, music and acting you will no doubt be hearing about in the very near future.

Q&A with Kimani Edwards (KE)

Q) At what age did you know that a singing career would be your calling?

KE) I would always sing in church and like around the house. By the time I turned 14, I told my mom and dad that I wanted to really turn singing into a career. You know it's like whenever I would sing, I would feel great, it's like I could see myself up on stage singing to millions of people . You know music does something for everybody, whether it's a negative impact or positive impact. For me whenever I make music or write a song, I always ask myself, if this is something people can connect to and I also make sure all of my music has a positive impact. It's amazing to know that you can speak to the world through a song . And when I found that out, that's when I knew singing and music was for me.

Q) Who were some of your influences in music as a young kid coming up, and who do you like now out there?

KE) Aaliyah's music influenced me growing up, her voice was so smooth and powerful at the same time. I still look up to Aaliyah to this day she is a legend , and was great at what she did. Even when Jazzepha and I were in the studio and he wrote, my single " Rider" for me he and I both wanted an Aaliyah type vibe. Which was smooth R&B. I also look up to the rapper Eminem , he is great with delivering emotion through all of his music. Eminem tells a story with all of his songs. I literally listen to his song "lose yourself," every time before I have a performance on stage, I listen to this song because when I get on stage I lose myself in my music . I want the audience to know that my performance as well as my music is authentic, I mean every word I'm singing.

Q) We are all unique artist, but if I were to compare you to any singer making noise right now, who would that be, and why?

KE) If you compared me to any singer out there right now it would be Ciara mixed with Rihanna . I say this because Ciara's music is like smooth R&B and so is mine.

I threw Rihanna in this mix because Rihanna adds her own "twang" to all of her songs, and nobody can duplicate it . I add my own "twang" to my music as well , that nobody can duplicate. My music has my personality, my own sound, nobody can duplicate that.

Q) What's your goal with your music and where do you plan to be five years from now with it?

KE) You know like I said before, as long as my music reaches people and I have a steady fan base that is continuing to grow, I feel like my goal is reached. In five years I see my career being more stable, and a bigger fan base .

Q) Are you also pursuing acting? What's your favorite movie and TV show?

KE) Yes I have been acting since I was 6 years old. By the time I turned 14 I'd decided to really push my acting and singing. At 14 I was cast for my first movie, "Almost Christmas" produced by David Talbort. I played as Kimberley Elise, at age 12 for the movie. I also did 'Star' with Lee Daniels. I was a school girl. I just wrapped up doing 'Flags on the Field' with Bobby and Renee Peoples . And I'm doing a web series now as well as a couple of stage play's. So yes most definitely, acting is something I plan on pursuing further.

My favorite movie would have to be 'Lone Survivor' , written and directed by Peter Burg. This is my favorite movie because it's based on a true story and the actors really delivered and did their job.

Q) What are some of your other hobbies?

KE) I love animals so , sometimes I volunteer at "Paws." I'm also great with kids so , you know I babysit when I can. Like volunteering at my church with the youth department and also on Sundays , I teach bible study .

Q) Are you working on new music now? What's your latest single release called, and how can people find it?

KE) Currently I am finishing up my EP (extended play ). My latest singles that I just released is my single with Jazzepha, "Rider." And my other "Shoulder Werk". produced by 217. You can find all my music on all digital platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora etc.

Q) Where can people follow you on social media?

KE) You can follow me on instagram:@thekimaniedwards




Q) Finally, if you were speaking to a group of young kids, maybe at at performing arts high school, who have the dreams you are now pursuing, what advice would you give them?

KE) I would definitely tell them to keep their heads up . Mentally and physically. I say this because a lot of things are not going to go your way all of the time but if you keep God first, I promise you it will work in your favor. What is for you, is for you. If it doesn't work out, that's okay you just have to work harder and ask yourself is this something that is meant for me.

Thank you Kimani. I know we will be seeing much, much more of you as your career soars.

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To follow Kimani and her moves in the music and acting industry, go to her website at:

Posted By: Robert Walker
Friday, October 20th 2017 at 1:24PM
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