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Considering A Math Major? 3 Paths Post Graduation (236 hits)

Pursuing a major in mathematics is a fantastic idea for anyone with a skill and love of math, as it opens you up to a wide array of job opportunities. After all, math is used in the modern world more and more every day, and has applications in science, technology, engineering, and business. In this article, I値l describe 3 paths you can take after graduating with a degree in math. You値l likely find that even just these three options will open you up to a world of possibilities, and a satisfying, high-paying career.

Graduate School
A math background lends itself very well to graduate schools of all types. Medical schools like prospective students with math knowledge, as the ability to calculate dosages for medicines is a crucial skill. Law schools appreciate the analytical thinking methods developed by math undergrads, which can be used when it comes to understanding complex legal codes. Business schools also desire math majors heavily, for their skills when it comes to numbers and problem solving. A math degree can actually prepare you for the LSAT and GMAT far more than a degree in pre-law or business can.

The Government
It may seem surprising, but the Federal Government is actually the number one employer of mathematicians in the United States. The National Security Agency in particular hires many mathematicians, due to their focus on breaking and creating codes and analyzing large amounts of data. A math background, especially with a concentration in statistics, would be incredibly valuable here. In addition to almost guaranteeing you a job, positions at the NSA consistently pay a competitive salary, with the possibility of raises and promotions possible in your career as well.

Financial Planning
Financial planners use a wide range of mathematical skills to help people manage their assets and plan for their future, with the intent of achieving the most financially rewarding outcomes. As an example, as a financial planner you might find yourself working for a real-estate or construction company, helping them get loans to fund projects. You may use services like those at LCNB National Bank to do such a job. Financial planning pays a very competitive salary and has the potential to continually rise as you advance in your career. It is also a field that is expected to see continued growth.

These three paths mentioned above can all lead you to a successful and wealthy career because of your math degree. Graduate school alone opens you up to seemingly infinite possibilities, and you値l be very well prepared for it because of your schooling. A math major is one of the best long term investments you could ever make.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Monday, December 4th 2017 at 4:05PM
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