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How Aspiring Medical Students Can Prepare for the MCAT (274 hits)

In order to be successful with the MCAT, premed students must prepare early on; at least 3-6 months prior to taking the exam. Although these few months sounds like plenty, if not more than enough time to prepare, as a pre-med student you already have your entire schedule filled up with full-time schooling, and you are probably interning at a hospital.
You want to start preparing as soon as possible. Here are some tips on how student can prepare to take the MCAT.

Don’t Memorize

Memorizing answers is not going to help you pass the MCAT with a good score. Those who create the MCAT are more interested in your ability to understand the physical, biological, and chemical processes they describe.
Think to yourself when studying your practice questions how you could explain this certain material to someone who isn’t in medical school or practicing medicine already.

Take Practice Tests

The MCAT takes around 6 hours to complete. You need to have the mental stamina in order to complete this test, making it a good idea to take some practice tests during preparation. Also, learning how to pace yourself is essential in completing the MCAT. Full-length practice exams can fully prepare you for what is to come.


You can find professional mentoring programs for students. You can get private one-on-one tutoring, which means that there will be full attention on you and fulfilling your needs. There are also small group sessions out there to help with problem solving.
Through this mentoring, you can learn conceptual understanding instead of simply memorizing. Programs from places like Altius MCAT Prep is great for students who prefer practicing with mentors and other students instead of by themselves.

Do Other Stuff

If you focus your entire time on just studying for the MCAT, you could start feeling a bit crazy and sad. It is good to have other activities to relieve stress and forget about the MCAT for a while. You need to find that balance of preparation and self-care.

Talk to Other Students

Students who have already successfully completed the MCAT are great to talk to for some pointers, advice, and their experience when taking the exam. They know the exam well and have already been through what you are about to; they are some of the best people you can go to for advice.
When preparing to take the MCAT, remember to only take it when you know that you are ready. Taking practices helps assess how prepared you are to take the actual exam. You can always postpone the exam until you are ready: there is nothing wrong with giving yourself more time to study.
Posted By: Anica Oaks
Thursday, December 7th 2017 at 3:39PM
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