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Arrested while in College? 5 Things to Be Aware Of (211 hits)

No one plans to get arrested while theyíre in college. If the unexpected happens, there are some special considerations that you should be aware of when youíre a college student. Here are five things to be aware of if youíre arrested in college:

Your License May Be on the Line

Many criminal convictions come with an automatic suspension of your driverís license. Some crimes you might not expect like drug crimes can carry a license suspension. You can lose your commercial endorsement or have a harder time getting a commercial license in the future. If youíre hoping to work in a field that requires you to have a driverís license, you should pay careful attention to any license consequences that come with the charges against you.

Many Courts Have Special Programs for Young People or for Substance Abuse Offenses

The courts understand that young people make mistakes. Many courts have special programs for youthful offenders. If you qualify to participate, youíll typically still serve a term of probation, but you may be able to get special dispensation that results in a clean record.

There Are Bail Bonds If Youíre Short on Cash

When youíre in college, the bail amount can seem so high. Fortunately, if youíre not able to post bail, you can secure a bail bond from a company like All Star Bail Bonds in order to get out of jail. Bail bonds allow you to pay a lower amount to get out of jail by working with a bail bonds company to post bail on your behalf.

If Youíre Convicted, Itís Public Record

Criminal convictions are public record. Potential employers can look. With online records, itís easier than ever before to check for a criminal history. You have a right to take your case to trial, and you should keep in mind that criminal convictions are public when you decide how to proceed in your case.

There May Be Penalties from Your School

In addition to penalties from the criminal court, you might face penalties from your school. Your school can initiate disciplinary proceedings that are separate from the criminal penalties. You can typically have a lawyer represent you in school disciplinary proceedings. You should familiarize yourself with the disciplinary process so that you can exercise your right to a hearing.

When Youíre Arrested in College

Facing a criminal charge in college can be stressful, and it can distract you from your studies. However, there are things that you can do to minimize the damage. Learning what you can about the process and doing everything you can to help your case is crucial to helping you get past this event and keep your life on track.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Tuesday, December 12th 2017 at 5:45PM
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