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4 Safe Driving Tips for College Students Who Like to Party (248 hits)

For students attending college, life involves more than sitting in a classroom or studying for the next test. With each weekend often meaning thereís a party around the corner, chances are they will be out with their friends having a good time. However, while everyone wants to have a good time, itís just as if not more important to stay safe while driving to these parties. To learn how to make the evening as safe as possible, here are four safe driving tips for college students who like to party.

Donít Drink and Drive

Needless to say, never get behind the wheel if youíve had enough alcoholic drinks to impair your driving. By arranging for a designated driver beforehand or deciding to use a taxi or Uber, you and your friends will avoid being involved in an accident that could prove disastrous.

Put down the Cell Phone

Along with drinking and driving, talking on a cell phone or sending text messages while driving is a recipe for disaster. By taking your eyes off the road for just a moment, youíre putting yourself, your friends, and other drivers and pedestrians at risk of injury or death. Therefore, if you receive a call, need to make a call, or respond to a text message, pull over and do so in a safe manner.

Obey the Speed Limit

Since youíll be excited about going to the party, you might find yourself driving faster than the speed limit to get there. However by doing so, youíre increasing the chances of being involved in an auto accident that could result in traumatic brain injuries. You might end up needing to talk with a traumatic brain injury lawyer, as well as police and emergency personnel. To keep this from happening, remember to slow down and obey the speed limit, which will allow you and your friends to arrive at the party safe and maybe even fashionably late by a minute or two.

Expect More Traffic

Since the party will usually be on a weekend, expect to have more traffic on the road to your destination. Therefore, be sure to leave early enough so that you donít find yourself in a hurry to arrive, and always pay extra attention at stop signs and intersections, which is where many accidents occur.

By keeping these tips in mind, the drive to your party will be much safer. Whether putting down your cell phone, paying extra attention at intersections, or arranging for a designated driver, doing so will ensure you and everyone else will have a safe and fun evening.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Thursday, December 14th 2017 at 5:08PM
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