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Top of Your Class: 3 Degrees That Will Help You Excel in Your Field (396 hits)

Times are changing, and the jobs in the workforce are starting to reflect that. Having a college degree is almost equivalent to having a high school diploma, meaning students have to put in more work than ever before.

The qualifications that employers are looking for are making it much harder for those seeking work. This is the reason many are looking for additional degrees to boost their careers, like some of the ones mentioned here.

Online Power

Those who want to improve their careers may want to consider a degree in online marketing. This may not seem like the kind of degree that can boost careers, but it can because many industries are moving online. For example, a nurse who wants to improve the chances of moving up the career ladder will likely become more valuable if he or she could promote the facility he or she works at.

A degree from a school like College America in online marketing makes you valuable to many employers, meaning you can demand more money should that be your goal. You should also keep in mind that this type of degree can also be helpful if you want to start your own business. Most people know that online marketing tools can be used to gather more potential customers than ever before.

Remember that this degree and most of the degrees mentioned do not have to be obtained at a physical college. There are a number of online colleges springing up that are likely going to make it easier for those in the workforce to find time to get the degree he or she wants.

Communications Degree

A communications degree could help boost several careers, such as those in journalism, marketing, news, or intercultural communications. Keep in mind that these are just some of the careers that could be boosted with a communications degree. There are some specialized communications degrees worth noting, but you can decide on the specifics once you get into the program.

The training you will receive should help you communicate in public or in person in a way that reassures those you are addressing or helps diffuse an issue. This is a very useful degree to have under your belt that can become very helpful, even in your personal life. Be sure to talk to your managers to ensure that this particular degree is going to be helpful to you.

Those who are interested in intercultural communications might also want to pair that with a couple of language-related classes so that you can communicate with others in their language. The focus should always be on the languages that are most spoken around the world, such as Mandarin just to name one.

Data-Focused Degrees

Many large companies and small businesses are actively seeking individuals who understand data analytics. Big data software is becoming increasingly vital to many industries out there. Analytics can not only help productivity, but it also has the power to predict customer choices, which makes managing inventory a little easier.

Big data uses real data, which specialized algorithms use to calculate the results that can greatly benefit the owners of the software. The reason many companies need specialized help is because this type of software is pretty new, meaning that it is still confusing some of those who purchase it.

This type of degree not only makes you more valuable to employers, but it can also make certain entrepreneurial endeavors.

Hopefully, some of these degrees interest you so that you continue to improve your career. Yes, this might not be the easiest task to take on, especially now that you are already working, but everything worth doing requires some sacrifice. Besides, these degrees can make you more money and everyone wants that.

Posted By: Meghan Belnap
Friday, December 15th 2017 at 3:29PM
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