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More Credits: How to Stay on Top of Your Extra Classes (And Everything Else) (191 hits)

If youíre taking a full course load or youíve added a couple extra courses on top of a full course load, it can be a challenge to stay on top of everything. Thatís even truer when youíre also working. Youíll need to work hard, but youíll also need to be efficient about it. Here are a few tips on how you can stay on track.

Use a Planner
The most important thing you can do is get a planner and use it to organize your schoolwork and the rest of your life. Without a planner, itís far too easy to forget about important tasks. When you use a planner, youíll always know what you need to do during the day and what assignments will be due soon.

There are plenty of great planners available both in the traditional format and as apps. Whatever option you choose, make sure you update it frequently. Itís a good idea to do some general planning for the month ahead and more detailed planning for the week ahead.

Keep Your Workspace Organized
Thereís no reason to waste valuable time looking for the right textbook. When you have a well-organized workspace, youíll never spend study time searching for any elusive items.

It isnít hard to keep your workspace organized, either. Set it up properly at the beginning of the school year, and then make sure itís back in that condition every time you finish using it. Do the same with your backpack.

Stick to a Consistent Schedule
Itís important to have a routine each day because when you do, itís easier to get everything done. Now, your schedule is entirely up to you, provided you can meet all your daily responsibilities. If youíre a night owl, thereís nothing wrong with staying up at night and waking up later, just like thereís nothing wrong with being an early bird.

The key is to be consistent. If you normally get up early, staying up until 4 a.m. for a Netflix binge is going to throw off your whole day.

Maximize Productivity with Your Time Management
We all have periods of time during the day when weíre at our productivity peaks, but these times are different for everyone. You could be at your best in the early afternoon, have a dip in energy in the late afternoon, and then get another boost in the early evening. Take note of when you feel like you can get the most done. That way, you can schedule homework and study sessions for those times of the day. Youíll get more out of a 30-minute study session when youíre locked in than you would out of a 2-hour study session when youíre feeling sluggish.

Donít Spread Yourself too Thin
Before you pile on the extra classes, carefully consider if youíll be able to handle all your responsibilities. We often overrate how much we can get done in a day, and you donít want to end up burnt out halfway through the semester.

Do the math on how many hours of work and school youíll have every week to see if your schedule is reasonable. If youíre already in the semester and youíre having a tough time keeping up with everything, see what you can cut to give yourself a bit of a break. That could mean dropping a class or taking out a loan so that you can reduce your hours at work.

More credits donít need to mean more problems. Use the tips above to manage your time better and get good grades in all your classes.
Posted By: Brooke Chaplan
Thursday, December 21st 2017 at 7:02PM
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