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5 Degree Plans That Will Help Start Your Career in a Field of Medicine (199 hits)

Many career-minded individuals who are focused on making a real difference in other people’s lives settle on medicine as a career choice. There are many avenues of medicine that you could pursue, but before you can receive specialized training in the desired area, you must first focus your attention on your pre-med degree program at a school like California College San Diego.

Each individual will walk down their own path in an effort to get accepted into medical school or to pursue other professional goals in this field. However, these are some of the more common degree plans for those who are interested in a career in medicine.


At first glance, business may seem like a fairly irrelevant area of study to pursue when you want to enter the medical field, but there are good reasons why it makes sense as an undergraduate program. Many doctors and other medical professionals run their own business at some point.

To successfully run a business, you need more than a medical degree and related experience. You also must know about marketing, economics, business plans, marketing and more to be a business owner. If you major or minor in business, you can pair this area of study with a secondary concentration or a double major in a science-related program.

Biological Sciences

Biological sciences include biology, chemistry, neuroscience, and others. The link between these science programs and medicine is clear. When you study biological sciences early in your educational career, you may develop a solid foundation that can better prepare you for medical school. You may also discover that you have a specific interest in a related area of study that you want to concentrate on in the years to come.

Physical Sciences

A different aspect of science that you may want to explore deeper and even major in is physical science. This is generally any type of science not directly related to life sciences. For example, physics and astronomy are popular physical science majors.

While not all physical science majors are directly related to a medical career, physics and some areas of chemistry may be relevant and may help you to better prepare for the MCAT. Keep in mind that those who pursue a Bachelor of Science degree generally need to take a minimum amount of biological science courses as well.

Social Sciences

Social sciences, or sociology, explore the behavior of social groups, and this is often a liberal arts degree program. This includes the behaviors of individuals, families, criminals, work cultures and more. Those who major in social sciences often develop the beneficial ability to look beyond the small details to see the larger picture. This is exceptional as a basis for a medical career, and it may also help you to excel in your future medical education.


Humanities is another common major that individuals focus on when they are interested in a medical career later in life. This major focuses heavily on the development and history of culture over the years. It may include art, music, literature and more. While this is a liberal arts degree, it can be combined with a minor in one of the many areas of study in the sciences.

When you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, there is no single path that will prepare you for what the future holds. Your primary goal should be to get high enough grades to be accepted into a quality medical school. However, you also need an educational background that prepares you to earn high marks in the MCAT. While you need to think about the short-term, you also need to think about which areas of study could help you to have a successful career in the decades to come.

Posted By: Meghan Belnap
Tuesday, January 2nd 2018 at 3:04PM
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