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Millennial Education: 4 New Ways Young Minds are Learning (225 hits)

As a millennial, I know all too well how savage and rough the United States economy can be. Going to and completing college for some prestigious degree just wasnít in the cards for us. Most American millennials are in millions of dollars worth of student debt and the market for a vast majority of career choices has completely vanished. There are no art and creative jobs to be had. There are no English and literature jobs, but, hey, putting yourself in debt for the rest of your life might just be worth it if youíre looking for a science or medical career. Even the teaching industry is dwindling due in part because of the problems Iíve outlined thus far, and the fact that new methods of education have arisen with the millennial age. Millennials arenít going to school, or college like the generations before themóformal education is nearly redundant in 2017óbut are, instead, learning from the internet, entertainment, experience, and travel.

The Internet

The internet and technology are gold mines of educational opportunities, not just for those interested in IT or computer fields either. There are countless resources for all manners and fields of education on the internet, including full and often free college courses. Most millennials have grown up with the internet, and have, therefore, already became accustomed to doing research on the internet for themselves. They use sites like Google, Wikipedia and Youtube to discover and learn about any and every aspect of the world around them. Why put yourself in debt for school when a more knowledgeable teacher takes the formless guise of the internet at your fingertips?


Entertainment has gone through leaps and bounds to get to where it is, today. Millennials have access to quality entertainment previous generations did not. TV shows, like Rick and Morty, educate viewers while also entertaining them. This practice has gone on in the industry since before millennials as a collective, were even born. Of course, when Millennials grow up to take control of their media entertainment, the process is emphasized, creating even more subtly educational forms of entertainment. Just take a look at the childrenís shows on Netflix. They all echo styles and overtones which were common to childrenís entertainment back when millennials were coming up as kids.

Personal Experience

Today, experiencing something is far more valuable than simply learning about it in a classroom. Experience means hands-on learning. Sometimes one must actually go through something in order to learn from it. This is one of the upsides to online homeschooling K-12. When educating children at home, parents have control over the curriculum and therefore, can better offer children experiences as well as the more passive techniques of educating which are utilized in typical school classrooms.


Traveling is perhaps one of the best methods of education. By traveling, millennials experience many different cultures, locations and people. Travel blends learning from experience with natural curiosity. Wherever the wind blows, there is something to learn and experience, whether it involves social interaction or marvelous feats of nature. Some education just canít be found at home, while staying stationary. That is a fact.

Millennials are arguably the most unique generation since WW2. There hasnít been a more distressed and anxious population of people since the Great Depression, so it goes without saying that usual methods of teaching would not work as well for millennials. Without another valid system in place, millennials have had to find their own ways of learning. Four of the most effective forms of education millennials are using to learn, today, are the internet, entertaining media, experiences, and traveling. Everyone could learn a thing or two from the ingenuity and improvisational skills of modern day millennials.
Posted By: Rachelle Wilber
Thursday, January 11th 2018 at 11:43AM
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