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Is English Your Second Language? 5 Ways to Keep Practicing (173 hits)

Did you just get back from studying at an English school? Maybe youíve graduated from high school or college and are headed back to your home country, or are planning on going to a college like Interactive College of Technology. Regardless of your situation, you need to maintain your English language skills. There are a variety of ways to practice English that donít necessarily involve living in the country. If you never practice, it wonít matter where you live; youíll lose your skills.

Letís take a look at some easy ways to keep up your English.

Practice Online

There are so many opportunities for you to practice English using the internet. First, there are apps like Duolingo that will help you remember and practice vocabulary. You could also try to reach out to people online through forums to find people needing language exchange. You trade your time to help them practice your native language while they help you practice English. You can also consider taking classes online or getting certifications in English. These opportunities bring the classes directly to you.

Make Friends

If your day to day activities involve being around friends and family who only speak your language, your English skills wonít get very far. Itís important to reach out and make friends. No one likes to be used for practice, however, so try some meet up groups that involve your interests and hobbies so you have something to talk about.

Go Places Where People Expect English

If you live in an apartment complex, you can make a point to regularly check in with the people in the office just to say hi. Those few minutes of practice every day add up. You can also talk to people at the deli or meat counters in supermarkets. Theyíll be happy to tell you all about the food, and youíll have something to talk about for a while. If you live in your home country, try to visit restaurants or supermarkets where people speak English and practice.

Watch TV

Watching TV in English with English subtitles is a great way to hone listening skills and confirm that what you are hearing is correct. Itís instant feedback on your comprehension, and allows you to practice both reading and listening at the same time.

Write in English

It isnít about getting the grammar or spelling perfect. Itís about getting more comfortable and thinking in English. Producing written content without translating teaches your brain to think in English instead of translating.
Posted By: Dixie Somers
Monday, January 15th 2018 at 3:59PM
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