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4 Things That Will Make Your First Semester in College a Smooth Transition (362 hits)

First-time college students are going to experience a culture shock when they transition from high school into an institution of higher learning. To help these new students to be better prepared for the surprises that await them, here are four tips to help make their first semester in college a smooth transition.

Invest in a Car

Depending on where you attend college, getting around town can prove to be quite a challenge. This is especially true for college students who attend an out-of-state university in a city with which they are unfamiliar. If you’re going to be a college student in an unfamiliar city, purchasing a car through a car loan company like AutoStart would greatly improve your first-semester experience by providing you with reliable transportation as you explore a new city.

Get a New Computer

While many colleges provide access to public computers, it’ll benefit you greatly to purchase your own personal computer so that you can use it at any time for any purpose. A desktop computer will provide you with more computing power, but is immobile. A laptop will give you more freedom, but it can’t run CPU-heavy programs. Choose your computer wisely based on the type of courses you’re taking.

Purchase a Day Planner

If you’re a full-time student, you’re going to have a moderately busy class schedule every week. However, if you’re a full-time student on a scholarship that requires a heavier than normal class schedule, you’re going to need some help keeping track of all of your academic obligations. This is where a day planner will come in handy. Not only can you use it to keep track of your class schedule, you can also use your day planner to remind you of important homework assignments that are coming due.

Buy a Mini Fridge

College life is going to present you with many early mornings and late nights. In order to keep your energy at optimal levels, you’re going to need accessible snacks and drinks. If you decide to live in the dormitory during your first semester, you’ll soon realize that having a mini fridge in your dorm room will make your life so much easier. You can purchase deli meats, drinks, cold coffee, milk for cereal, and other snacks to keep in your fridge as early breakfasts or late night snacks.

Downloading a campus app that will map out the outside of your campus will also help you immensely when it comes time for you to find the buildings in which your classes are being held. When traveling on campus grounds, consider using a bicycle or a hoverboard to get to your destinations more quickly.

Posted By: Meghan Belnap
Monday, January 29th 2018 at 5:26PM
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