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Looking to Teach? 5 Tips for Educators-to-Be (937 hits)

Studying to become a teacher means that youíre taking a dream and turning it into a reality. As you sit in class and absorb the lessons, you may feel ready to head into your own classroom. While having this energy and stamina is key, so is integrating a few key tips into your plans.

Prepare to Learn

If you think youíll walk into the classroom and your first day with lesson plans to keep for decades to come, you may want to open your mind a bit more to the possibility of change. Teaching is a field that often changes due to new advancements in technology and in the understanding of how the human kind retains and understands information. Also, teaching is a learning experience for you. After your first semester or year, you may find that you want to heavily revise your plans to reflect what you learned from your students.

Find a Balance with Classroom Management

You may envision your classroom as a place where no one ever takes out a cell phone or passes a note to a friend. However, thatís not the reality of the educational climate. Expect that some classroom management issues are going to arise. Have a plan for tackling these challenges. While you do want to show your students that youíre serious about the subject, acting too rigid can create an uncomfortable environment too. For example, failing a student on an upcoming exam because he or she texted one in class is a harsh punishment that can damage rapport.

Anticipate Questions

While you canít predict every question that your students are going to ask, you can think about what they may ponder in order to better prepare yourself. You arenít expected to know everything about every subject in the world, but you do want to show that youíre an authority in your discipline. As the years go on, youíll find that youíre able to predict some of the inquiries that students will have, and youíll start to develop even better answers to their inquiries.

Stay Updated on Technological Advancements

Using technology in the classroom is not optional in most educational settings. Even if you have some hesitation about technology, there are a wealth of tools for educators available online. You are likely going to have to learn to use the internet at some point anyways, so why not advance your career with it? Opening your mind to the possibilities of these advancements to convey information, stimulate discussions and address different learning styles is one of the first steps.

You should make sure that youíre prepared when you plan to use technology in the classroom. In other words, technology can break or malfunction. While you can likely call the help desk for assistance, the technicians may not arrive until the end of class. Therefore, you should ensure that you always have a back-up plan.

Build Rapport

No matter how much you know about your subject area, you also have to remember that youíre working with actual human beings. Taking the time to build rapport with your students is crucial. You donít want to spend all of class talking about where they went over winter break, but allocating a few minutes to conversation can help students to feel more comfortable participating in class.
At the beginning of the year, plan an ice-breaker activity. In addition to building rapport between you and your students, you also want them to feel comfortable with one many. Some of your students may already be friends, so encourage them to work with individuals whom they donít know as well.

As youíre absorbing the lessons in your book and observing others teach, youíll start to think of how you want to run your own classroom. Integrating these suggestions into your approach can make for a pleasant experience.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, February 5th 2018 at 1:05PM
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