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Full-Time: 4 Tips for Setting out on Your First Job out of College (212 hits)

You have just graduated from college and are ready to begin your first job. You are so excited, but also realize that there are tasks to complete to help you get your new life in running order. Some of the more important duties you may put on your list of things to do might include:

Set up Your Banking and Financial Needs
You may have been relying on your parents to pay your bills while you were in school, but now it is time to take control of your own finances. If you havenít done so already, open a checking account and order a debit card and also open a savings account. Start off right by making a habit of saving a specific amount from your check each month.

Speak to your new employers about their retirement benefits and arrange to have money taken from your check every payday to add to this. You are never too young to start saving for your later years. Get educated on the type of insurance coverage you have with your new company as you never know when you will need it.

Purchase Professional Apparel
You want to look your very best on the job, and your college attire is just not going work for you in your new career. Go shopping for new, professional clothing that will make you look ready for anything the boss hands to you. The type of clothing you choose will depend on the type of position you have. If you work at a bank, you would probably be expected to dress very conservatively, but if you work in advertising, a creative touch is usually acceptable.

Footwear is also important. Select shoes that are stylish but also comfortable, especially if you are on your feet for large portions of your day. If you work in a slippery environment such as a factory or restaurant, always invest in rubber-soled footwear for safetyís sake.

Arrange for Reliable Transportation
That old clunker you drove in college just isnít going to cut it anymore. You are going to have to arrange for reliable and affordable transportation. If you live in a cosmopolitan city such as New York, you may be fine with riding the subway. Other cities will require that you own a vehicle. Keep in mind that if you will be conducting company business with your car, it will need to look presentable at all times. Oversized tires, tinted windows, and loud mufflers are things of the past for you. Remember to put your car on a regular maintenance schedule so you are never late for work due to auto issues.

Schedule Preventative Care for Your Physical Health
You will need to make sure you are in perfect health before starting off in this new venture. Plus, it is best to get checkups before you start your new job as you will probably have little time or energy to do so after you start working. Get blood work and annual checkups done and out of the way well before your starting date.

Dental checkups are also important. You want to have your teeth and gums checked for cavities and other issues and have any dental work done before you begin your new position. You may even opt for getting your teeth whitened for a truly polished look. Just search local terms in Google like ďnew hudson dental careĒ for your area to find a dentist if you havenít been in a while.

You are definitely an adult now, and taking care of these necessities will have you well on your way to becoming a mature and responsible individual. Thinking ahead and being proactive is a desirable trait. Use these positive habits in other aspects of your job, and you should do very well in your new career.
Posted By: Brooke Chaplan
Thursday, February 8th 2018 at 5:35PM
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