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4 Skills Your Teens Should Learn Before Moving for College (40 hits)

You will never be able to prepare your child for every challenge that is out in the world, but that doesnít mean you canít set them on the right path. With a few basic life skills, your teenager is going to avoid some of the most common pitfalls and roadblocks that many students struggle with when theyíre out on their own for the first time. Here is a look at four skills that your teen should master before heading off to school.

Cooking Nutritious Meals

Studies continue to show us that a studentís eating habits have a major impact on their physical and mental health. Those who donít get enough vitamins and minerals could eventually develop a nutritional deficiency that results in ongoing illnesses, lethargy, and even depression. Before your child heads off to school, they should understand the basics of what nutrients their body needs and which foods should be avoided. They should also know how to prepare such the foods they should be consuming as well. They donít need to become the next Gordon Ramsay, however. They just need to know how to cook a few basic meals.

Create & Manage a Budget

Very few life skills are as important as living within oneís means. College students who arenít careful could end up drowning in unmanageable credit card debt that haunts them for years. Your child should have a strict monthly budget well before they head off to college. That budget needs to include everything from books and school supplies to recreational activities and emergency expenses.

The Basics of Doing Laundry

Learning how to properly do laundry will save your teen from some expensive mistakes in the coming years. Shrinking fabric and bleeding colors could ruin a large percentage of their clothing if they arenít careful. As a general rule, they need to remember to always use cold water and a mild detergent if they arenít sure of the proper settings. They should also know that regularly washing their clothes can prevent issues such as unwanted skin rashes.

Mending Clothes and Bedding

Buying new clothes every time a pair of shorts or shirt becomes ripped isnít an option for the vast majority of college students. Most clothes should last for at least a year or two, but smaller holes might develop after just a few months. Students who know how to mend holes and rips with a sewing machine, like those from Statewide Sewing Centre, and some thread might be able to save quite a bit of money. They can also use those skills to alter the clothes that they already have to create new outfits. They might even be able to make a little money on the side by helping others who donít have those skills mend their clothes.

These few skills might only be the tip of the iceberg, but they are a great start for teenagers who are about to set off on their own. Even though you wonít be able to teach them everything, mastering a few key skills will be invaluable once they are out in the world.

Posted By: Hannah Whittenly
Monday, February 12th 2018 at 10:29AM
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