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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Cleaner and More Organized (3593 hits)

Some say that cleaning is a never ending chore, while others feel their time is well spent behind the vacuum cleaner. Regardless of where you stand on it, cleaning is a necessary part of life. If the chore falls on you, consider these four tips to simplify and speed it up.

Organize the Cleaning Supplies

Keep a set of the most used cleaning supplies under the sinks in each of the bathroom sinks, as well as in kitchen. It shaves off cleaning time to have the basics within easy reach. Putting the cleaning cloths, sponges, brushes and cleaners inside a plastic bucket eliminates much of the back-and-forth from room to sink to get the job done. Some people with two-story homes invest in a vacuum cleaner for each floor that eliminates hauling the equipment up or down the stairs. Not only does it save time, it makes it faster and easier to handle the occasional cleaning emergency.

Do One Job at a Time

Be single-minded and disciplined about your cleaning chores. Commit to finishing one project before moving onto the next one. When you divide your energy between projects, you run the risk of leaving all of them partially unfinished if youíre running short for time. You wonít get the satisfaction of seeing a room thatís completely clean from top to bottom. The feeling of accomplishment is an important aspect of cleaning. Without it, you may not feel as motivated to dive into the next cleaning chore.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Too much stuff around the house acts as a roadblock to efficient cleaning. It makes everything from dusting to vacuuming more time-consuming. Instead of displaying all your treasures 24/7, rotate them. Box them and store in a self-storage facility thatís completely secure and climate-controlled, like the ones at North Star Mini Storage. Seasonal items take up a lot of space and also lend themselves to storing offsite instead of cluttering up the basement or garage.

Stick to a Schedule

As much as possible, try to set aside enough time each week to give your home the attention it needs to keep it clean. Postponing cleaning increases the amount of time it will take the next time you do it. If youíre tied up on cleaning day, try to shift your chores to someone else or undertake them whenever you have a bit of free time elsewhere in the week.

Streamlining house cleaning through organization and clutter management will shorten the time it takes to maintain a clean home. Immediate access to the supplies and cleaning tools speeds the process. And itís just important to feel good about what youíve accomplished at the end of the day.

Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Friday, February 23rd 2018 at 11:25AM
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