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Energy Efficient: 4 Ways Businesses Can Be More Green in 2018 (394 hits)

Some of the biggest dangers facing the earth today are things like global warming and pollution. If these challenges are to be met, it will require action from all corners of society. This also includes the business world. As a business student, you can still do your part to help solve this problem. Below are some steps you can take as a new business owner to go green in 2018.

Go Paperless

One of the biggest drains on the environment by businesses regards their destruction of trees through the use of mountains of paper. It has been estimated that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper every single year. However, you can stop this in your own company. Go completely paperless. This means using digital alternatives to paper memos and documents. E-mail has been around for decades now. Take advantage of it.

Keep Your HVAC System up to Date and Energy Efficient

Part of the carbon footprint of a business is the energy that is used to heat and cool the offices, stores, warehouses and other buildings owned by that company. If you want to make sure youíre not wasting energy and money needlessly, your HVAC systems in your buildings need to be properly maintained. If a furnace or air conditioner is not taken care of with routine maintenance tasks, it will have to work much harder to operate. You should also consider working with a contractor like Universal Refrigeration or someone similar to upgrade to a more energy efficient HVAC system if you havenít already.

Start a Car Pool Program for Your Employees

One of the biggest environmental impacts of employers is not the business itself per say. It is instead all the gasoline that must be burned to allow workers to commute to and from work. While this issue may eventually be resolved by more fuel efficient vehicles, you can make a difference now. Start a car pool program for your employees to help lower the carbon emissions required to commute to work.

Install Solar Panels

While they require an initial investment, solar panels can help to bring down your energy costs for the long term. Theyíre also great for the environment. Consider whether or not installing solar panels to help provide electricity for your business is feasible.
Businesses create a lot of pollution and put a big strain on the environment. As such, if all business owners made a strong effort to go green, many of the problems facing the environment could be solved. Do your part by lowering your own businessís impact on the environment.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, February 26th 2018 at 5:32PM
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