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4 Ways You Can Specialize in Law School and Stand Out from Your Peers (617 hits)

Law students who are looking for an advantage over their peers often choose to specialize their studies in order to capitalize on niche expertise once they enter the job market. As the scope and depth of laws broaden, specialization is a necessary step for lawyers looking for opportunities to succeed in a competitive industry. Many legal firms seek attorneys with specific areas of expertise so they can provide targeted services that better match their clients’ needs.

Maritime Law

Many people don’t think about the logistical demands of international commerce, but a significant portion of imports and exports are transported by ship. Thousands of businesses, government entities and other organizations have to navigate maritime law during normal operations. Disputes in this area can also be particularly murky if there are disagreements over jurisdiction between nations.

Intellectual Property

Issues surrounding intellectual property (IP) rights have become national concerns over the last few decades. The rise of virtual products, like e-books, music and software, has created many ethical and legal debates regarding ownership and licensing of creative content. Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property law may also work to protect the trademarks and other symbols associated with a company. Since laws and legislation regarding IP are still evolving, lawyers who specialize in this area should stay abreast of new developments in their jurisdiction.

Types of Injury or Illness

The term “personal injury” is incredibly broad, encompassing everything from accidental exposure to a toxic substance to direct physical trauma. This is why legal firms like Alexander Law Group build a diverse team of attorneys who have an intimate understanding of certain types of injury. Lawyers who focus their injury expertise can develop a deeper understanding of the laws and tactics relevant to their client’s specific situation. Spinal injuries, burns, brain injuries and medical malpractice are all options for law students who want to expand their education.

Constitutional Law

Law students who are interested in modern social issues, citizen rights or political activism can broaden their studies into constitutional law. This niche covers a wide range of complex subjects, so attorneys may narrow their scope even further to focus on a specific issue. The field of constitutional law also includes the study of legal structures within the government, including issues regarding checks and balance of power.

Legal studies is one of the most expansive and diverse professional fields, so students have a unique opportunity to combine their standard education with niche interests. Specialization only provides more value and potential to legal services, so attorneys should always consider seizing opportunities to expand their professional scope.

Posted By: Emma Sturgis
Tuesday, February 27th 2018 at 11:01AM
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