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Marketable Skills: 4 Career Tips to Help Land Your Dream Job (799 hits)

If youíre going after your dream job, you can make yourself a far more attractive candidate by building marketable skills. Potential employers will judge you in large part based on the skills you bring to the table. Having more skills or more developed skills can make the difference in whether you get hired. Here are four tips that will come in handy as you focus on skill development.

Assess Your Current Skillset

The first step is to consider what skills you have right now and how you can make the biggest improvements in the shortest amount of time. If youíre already strong in a certain area, then you may be better off focusing your efforts on shoring up a weak point. Or, you could try building your strengths even further. It all depends on what you think is best based on where youíre at right now.

Prioritize Hard Skills

Hard skills are the ones that you can quantify in some way, such as proficiency in a program or typing. Soft skills, in contrast, are the ones that are tough to quantify, such as communication and leadership. Although soft skills are important, hard skills typically mean more to employers. The reason is that anyone can say they have a soft skill, and people often use them as resume-fillers.

Consider Your Career Goals

When youíre deciding on what skills youíll develop, think about what skills your desired position uses the most. This will help you decide what the most valuable skills to develop are. If youíre in the construction industry, it stands to reason that looking into an Advanced Heavy Vehicle Training Centre would be a smart idea that could pay off quite a bit down the road. Working on your public speaking, on the other hand, may not help you that much.

Choose the Right Type of Training

The type of training you choose plays a major role in how quickly you develop a skill. While you can learn certain skills through a variety of methods, for others, you may need to learn in a specific way. Going back to that heavy vehicle training example, thatís something where you need in-person training, as you canít learn it online.

There are more ways than ever to develop your marketable skills. Aim to improve yourself as much as possible, and youíll open up far more career opportunities.
Posted By: Kara Masterson
Monday, March 5th 2018 at 12:48PM
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