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Share-Cropping: Today's Economic System (787 hits)

"The more things change, the things remain the same."

We are and have been living under the same post slavery share-cropping system that the unjustly enslaved people of the Americas were subjected to during the Reconstruction period (186577) following the Civil War, when new rights to African-Americans were granted.

There is no difference between then and now, when the same benefactors, after liberation the people had to now pay the same slave master / land owner, for their shelter, food, clothing, transportation, often times working the same land where they were enslaved; leaving them to earn barely enough to cover the inflated cost for those services.

Today this practice is still calculated; as wages rise, prices rise.

Too many people are living above their means, living on credit, being an accomplice in furthering their own indebtedness. To compound their financial situation, they raise their children to expect something for doing nothing, making them feel entitled to every single thing.

Debt. I was raised to understand that debt of any kind was volunteer slavery, but, I have learned that debt for a sound investment was a more enlightened way to borrow.

The American Dream; learning wise economic strategies, instead of investing in lotteries and other pyramid schemes, like the stock market, where if you are not on the top, you will never get rich. Instead our families should be pooling their resources, financing our own enterprises, supporting our own, in our own neighborhoods.

Like NOAH, I too have tried... I am building my ARK, because it is going to RAIN.

When I use the term Ark it is figuratively not literally. I am preparing by staying out of debt, educating my offspring, securing land with a water source, creating a seed bank, staying physically and spiritually fit and sharing the wealth of my knowledge and experience.

Ivan Butcher II
St. Croix
US Virgin Islands
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Wednesday, March 28th 2018 at 11:18AM
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