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Today's Educational System: Some of My Recommendations and Solutions. (760 hits)

- First, we have hundreds of potential teachers graduating from our high schools every year. They can be used as teacher's aides given scholarships to work on their degrees. Extra effort should be made to target males, especially for grade schools where positive male images are badly needed. I never thought I would have been a teacher.

- Second, smaller neighborhood schools should be reestablished, especially on the elementary school level. Classroom sizes should be adjusted to meet the needs of the students. Larger enrollment for the advanced and self motivated students, who are able to work more independently, allowing smaller classes for the challenged.

Bring back homogeneous grouping.

- Third, for junior high school, reestablish the 9th grade back into middle school. For one, 9th graders leave junior high school more mature, and they also serve as role models for the 7th and 8th graders. Their pass records will support the level of achievements made by those students under this system.

Separate the boys and the girls. At this age there are too many distractions (this wouldn't require it to be in separate schools or for every class). There are times, at that age, when boys and girls need to be separate, and spoken to as gender groups.

- Fourth, the junior high school curriculum would provide everyone with vocational trade options, more community outreach and field trips for enrichment. The major subject areas: language arts, math, science and history are addressed through applicable vocational assignments, instead of just repeating what should have been learned in grammar school.

- Fifth, by high school everyone has some marketable skill and a direction. Students planning for college would focus on their targeted major. The vocational students would apprentice in their desired areas, and at graduation along with the diploma, they receive a business license.

(With a trade, vocational students would be able to pay their own way through school. Academic students with a trade are more able to supplement their education, instead of struggling to pay back those big student loans.)

- Sixth, the arts should be lifted to the level of importance it deserves. The recommendations, from the conference held on Culture and Heritage Tourismís can only be supported by the increasing of more products and services provided by the local artisans.

Art needs to be integrated in to all subject areas, and treated as the viable vocation that it is in this high tech era. Today, the new World market is looking for creative thinkers, there isn't a business or a service that doesn't employ the use of art or an artist.

- Seventh, I would place staff where they would be more effective, and give more support for those teachers in crisis. Teaching today is not easy and it would be unfair to blame teachers for all of the ills.

The teacher's union should take a more active roll in addressing those members, who are guilty of cheating our children of their education.

Administrators must remember that they are just facilitators, making sure that the teachers are provided with what is needed for a safe and productive learning environment.

Our Youth, our most valuable resource, we should be exporting artisan and scholars into the World.

One question I have, why isnít there an advance art curriculum at the University level, the Arts are one of the leading benefactors, especially with the advances being made in computer technology?

An African proverb: Knowledge is Better Than Riches. Cameroonian

Ivan Butcher II
St. Croix
US Virgin Islands
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Monday, April 16th 2018 at 1:08PM
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